Thursday, 31 January 2013

Charity Shop Finds part 1

Vintage enamel pot. Damaged (or shabby if you will).

 Just got back from the shop and as promised I am now going to share some charity shop treasure.
I have to pre-warn you that my finds are not as amazing as I had hoped for my first ever Charity Shop post but, I have committed and therefore here I am!

But firstly, I am wishing to bore you with some info on my particular shop (I now call it MY shop).
The shop is a Beechwood cancer care branch, one of 4 that supports a local cancer charity.
It is far removed from some of the glamourous almost boutique like shops that seem to popping up everywhere, the ones that sell Primark clothes at double the original price!!
The main sellersat Beechwood are clothes and books. It also sells furniture (woohoo).

I am thinking that next week I will post some pics of the actual shop and hope that there will be some cool furniture I can share.
The shop gets quite random donations, sometimes they are pants and sometimes they can be brilliant. Today there were actually some pants....eeew

So, here we go.

I think these are ace. Vintage travel hangers in cool colours.

Why didn't I buy this mug?

Just for the hell of it I decided to capture some old St Michael labels.

This is me, modeling (ahem) a vintage fur hat. It had a fur bobble and I rather liked it.

I am very much thinking that this will be mine. 

Quite good Pyrex, not the patterns I like. I do however like the platter shape plates.

So, not amazingly inspiring but I am sure these posts will be better in the future and I am also sure that I will be bringing stuff home on a regular basis.

Tonight I will mostly be eating fish and chips, naughty but nice. I will be crafternooning with Mrs Teawagon
and I am going to tell you all about it. Expect pictures of cake, cups of tea and some wooley creations.

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Ohhh my, the enamel sugar pot! Vintage enamel is a total achilles heel for me! Really cannot walk away from any I see, what a find! :-)

    Jem xXx

    1. I should have got it. It was destined for the dump as it had enamel missing from its lid...heartbreaking.
      If it is still there I will rescue it. X

  2. Replies
    1. Ummmm, not sure if you are joking Mrs ;)

  3. Hi Emma
    Just had to come and say Thankyou for my gorgeous giveaway parcel. Basil the badger as he has now been christened is adorable, and the extras you sent are lovely. If you pop across to my blog you will see I have done a little post so that everyone can see how generous you have been. Thank you again, I am thrilled with it all.
    Jenny x

    1. Thanks Jenny, I am so pleased you like him and thank you so much for your lovely comments on your even lovelier blog.

  4. We eat off those platter/steak plates every night , you can get more food on them !! And before you ask I'm getting this months fair out of the way and then getting my Etsy shop started ..... I promise !!!
    Jo xxx

    1. Praise the Lord Jodi Jo!
      I would like a heads up as your Etsy shop goes live. i cannot go through another fox cushion disappointment situation.
      See you next Sunday.
      P.S big portions hey xxx

  5. P.S
    The hat really suits you x

  6. I love a good CS rummage - my favourite is our local church shop which turns up all sorts of bargains :)

  7. I would have given the enamel pot a home. My kitchen theme has been blue and white for almost 20 years. Jx

  8. Lots of great finds! Must be hard to resist alot of things! Love the cat picture. Karen:)

  9. yes, should have brought the cup! Crafternooning sounds nice! enjoy, Heather x

  10. Oooh crafternooning sounds lush. Much like that hat which doesn't half suit you.
    I don't know why you didn't get the mug. You should have snaffled it. It's very Nordic.
    My giveaway giftshave arrived. Thank you so much, they are wonderful....inspiring actually and I will be using those trimmings in my next sewing project.

  11. Oh goodness, don't know how you show such restraint in your charity shop, the mug, the hat, the cat picture! I love them all x

  12. Love the flour bin and the hat! We have a 'proper rummagey' charity shop in our village. The town I work in though has the most expensive charity shops ever ... I don't even bother going in them anymore. M x

  13. What a find that sugar pot is! It is quite disappointing now when you go to some charity shops and end up paying more than the article is worth but I suppose it is all for a good cause (I blame Mary Portas!) Nothing quite beats a good old fashioned rummage sale but even these are few and far between around here now - sigh. My seccy shop mooching is usually with my mum on a Friday with coffee and cake half way through to keep our strength up - it's always fun. Looking forward to seeing more of your finds (and you really do need to go back for that cup) x