Monday, 4 February 2013

London Tap

Today I made my first visit to Altrinchams London Tap Gallery.
I must admit that I have been meaning to do this for quite a while. There are quite a few places that are sat in this department of my brain....the 'must do/must see dept'.

I first met the lovely owner of London Tap when I was a stallie at The Secret Crafternoon Tea Party in December. She bought two of my kitties for her daughters and we had a good old chinwag, like you do!

Anyway, I have taken some pics of her lovely gallery just in case you are out of the area and unable to visit. That would just be an awful shame.

As I am not currently, or possibly ever will be, in a buying of artwork financial situation, I decided to purchase some cool kiddo magazines for Littlest (read that 'for myself').
The gallery stocks such an amazing selection of magazines for kiddos and adults. 
My friend purchased an issue of Wrap Magazine. I am already regretting not purchasing a copy for myself.
Pop over to the website, they are amazing. Full of articles plus wrapping paper designed by different artists. The one my friend bought had an article on Donna Wilson plus a sheet of her own designer wrapping paper....fab!

These are the 2 mags that I purchased.

These two are going to be a part of Littlests bedtime routine tonight.

and these are to be part of mine...
(delivered to my home today.yay)

happy days!

Thanks for reading. x

footnote:London Tap Gallery,2 Kingsway, Altrincham WA14 1PJ
twitter @londontap


  1. The gallery looks fab - really inspirational. Enjoy your mags. Jx

  2. thanks for commmenting.wish I had a caravan . ps Ilikey mr fox in this box hx

  3. Looks great the magazines too. Got my older son a few back issues of Anorak for christmas in an attempt to encourage him away from magazines with crappy plastic toys that break after 5 mins - he loves it so I think a subscription's in order. Haven't seen Okido or Ploc yet 'in the flesh' but they look great too. I also got Mollie Makes Home today - lots of lovely eye candy! x

  4. Wasn't it lovely. I'm loving my Wrap magazine. Hope tonight's bedtime routine was all the more fun with the addition of those lovely magazines. Xx

  5. I haven't been there either - and of course I now have to go AND get that magazine for my boys (right kind of age?)
    good share
    fee x

  6. Grabs bag and out the door :) xx

  7. Just found Wrap magazine recently ... it looks beautiful and I have Mollie Home ordered ... not here yet though ... boo to that ... fingers crossed postie has it today ... Bee xx