Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dolly Peg How to

I suddenly realised that although I sell Dolly Peg kits, I have never actually shared my dolly design.
It is oh so simple, great for using up fabric, felt and thread scraps and particularly good for keeping kiddos quiet for an hour or so. 
Littlest uses black or green felt and makes Batmans and Robins etc
I will share some pics of his creations in the future....quite comedic!

So, required ingredients are:

fabric scraps 10cm x 6cm
felt scraps 7cm wide semi circle and a 7cm thin strip
traditional wooden pegs
embroidery thread (hair coloured if poss)
cotton thread, needle and snippies
face decals
teeny buttons

soak the decals 

apply to top of pegs. another option is to drawer on the face with a fine liner

I hand stitch the skirts in a very simple fashion. I just blanket stitch across the wider length of fabric, gather and then fit to the peg and stitch to the right size. Glue is just as effective and I never bother to hem etc.
The more rustic the better (a rule i use often in many aspects of life!!)


The cape is just a simple piece of felt, cut in a semi circle.
Once wrapped around the peg I stitch a button to the front which secures the cape in place. Glue would work too.

To finish off our peggies we definitely require some golden locks. 
If you are more of a brunette person, I am truth be told, grab some brown thread. I have used all mine on Foxy satchels ;)

I am now going to show you my way of creating a hair-do, turban thingy. I would think it actually far easier to get out the glue but I love to be a bit fiddly every now and again.

I am hoping this to be pretty self explanatory, it does look cool in the end.....honest.

ta-dah, meet Shona

And then just get totally carried away and make Shona a mate or two....

Shona and her BFF Noeline.

If by any chance you now feel the need to make some, but just don't have the required ingredients, feel free to bob by my Etsy shop where I have placed some ready to go dolly kits on my shelves.

example of kits

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Thank you for sharing how to make these little cuties!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Ooh these are lovely ... and the tray brings back memories too, we had little coasters to match ... if I remember rightly, they were free with something (my Mam was very thrifty) and the coasters were the lids of the jars. Going to pop over to etsy now for a look at your lovely goodies!

    Love Claire xxx

    1. Claire, that is a coaster. Can you remember what they came free with? We don't have anything like that anymore.
      I love the pattern and I have 4. Would love the tray...keep your eyes peeled.
      Emma. X

  3. These are so sweet! Thanks for sharing! :) x

  4. Spooky wooky...I was just doing that yesterday. Mine look more like ballerinas, but they were mean't to be tooth fairies! I have Dolly Peg envy for that hair. Eco Ethel xx

  5. They're lovely - and I love the names! Have pinned to my Make & Do board - hope that's ok? Nice to share your talent - and Etsy shop - with the world! x

  6. Oh bless you, thank you so much stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. Its always so lovely to find other vintage loving crafty blogs. I love your little peg dolls there so cute. And as for Maurice ( which is my dads name, and for your blog name Betty who was a very dear friends name sadly no longer with us) finding your blog was meant to be :-) I adore what you have done to Maurice its a wonderful space and a gorgeous collection of fabrics and colours and patterns i love it, no wonderful you feel so inspired to craft ;-) I have a summerhouse that was built towards the end of last year that i am putting vintage furniture in i cant wait to get back in there again now after seeing Maurice roll on the better weather. Look forward to your future posts, dee x

    1. I have been reading your blog for way too long, not done any of my chores.....bloody brilliant. Thanks.
      Emma. X

  7. O, so sweet! love your hot pink sewing machine too in the picture.

  8. Pink sewing machine, it's a mini one but it does everything you need. Bargain at £50 and loads of fabby colours. X

  9. They are lovely. I haven't made a peg dolly in many years.

  10. So cute ... my little fairy would love these ... perfect for a rainy afternoon ... thanks for sharing ... Bee xx

  11. never made any of these, like the little rings the pegs sit in, can really imagine them being played with ... and as to your caravan ... well that looks like liberated living to me!

    oh thanks for following my blog :) x

  12. There so cute xx

    check out my cath kidston giveaway 1stepclosereveryday.blogspot.co.uk

  13. Dear Oooh Betty
    How lovely - I have no idea that they were decals, a clever choice. I fancy making some dolls with 1940 clothes but fear too tricky with my eye sight.
    such fun!
    Best wishes