Thursday, 7 February 2013

Nice Things

Just a quickie tonight (said me to Mr betty). I didn't really!
I have just got back from the Charity shop and I do have some Charity shop picks for you but they are on my phone and I have yet to work out the whole transferral process...if there is one.
So, tonight, I just have a few things that I have purchased that I think are worth a mention.
You might want to buy them too.

Cute mini napkins. John Lewis. 2 pounds.

Those really great egg cups that have a dippy tray. 2.50 John Lewis (bargain)

Nice new range of wool colours at St Anns Hospice charity shop only 1.49 a ball.

Wayne Hemmingway tin, 3 designs available, 7 pounds. John Lewis.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, I do have enough tins, but, I also have a lot of bits and bobs therefore making a new tin an almost essential item.
I am going to start a new granny square cushion with my new wool.

Tomorrow I am visiting the Creative Stitches & Hobbycrafts exhibition which is being held at Event City. Event city is near the Trafford centre. 
I will probably buy stuff.
I will take my trusty camera and take some pics, if allowed.
I am hoping to come home inspired and wanting to try new things.

Tonight I will mostly be filling my new tin and crocheting with my new wool (I will not be having an egg in my new egg cup maybe tomorrow). 
Thanks for reading. x


  1. I saw those tins and literally had to turn in the other direction as I had gone only for a birthday card! They are proper lovely, and the other things you've got!
    Enjoy the show at Event City, again I wanted to go but fear for my bank balance if I do :)

  2. Lovely! I do like those egg cups and the colour of the wool. Gorgeous tin can never have enough tins.

  3. The wools are really nice colours. I hope that you have a lovely crafting evening and a great day tomorrow. Jx

  4. You can definitely never have enough tins - and that is a beauty! Hope you have a great day tomorrow. xx

  5. I love mini napkins - now you have the appropriate napkins if you want to hold a cocktail party! I could spend hours in John Lewis!

  6. Love the new tin and the egg cups ... enjoy your day out tomorrow ... sounds like fun ... enjoy your egg too ... Bee xx

  7. Great buys those egg cups are cute and that wool will be a lovely warm combination together. Those tins are gorgeous i dont think you can ever have to many. Have a great day tommorrow. dee x

  8. What a coincedence I have just bought wayne hemmingways tins too, for the kitchen; the coffee and tea and cream cracker ones they are fab......
    d x

  9. I love those egg cups! A while ago I trawled ebay looking for exactly those but was disappointed by how high they were going for - £2.50 is truly a bargain! The one I had as a child was a bright sunshine yellow - did they have other colours?