Monday, 7 January 2013

Giveaway Additions

Morning all!
A bit of Monday morning efficiency is occurring at Chez Betty.
Littlest is at school, not happy about it. He said 'bloody school' three times. I am not proud of this fact.
Middle son is off...Inset day (I find this laughable). Sorry to all teachers, you are ace :)

The reason for this early morn blog post is to make some additions to yesterdays post as I realise, being the foolian that I am I have been rather unclear.
Because I am making some additions re 'the rules' I thought it would only be fair if i also make some additions to the giveaway prizes.

I will be adding some haberdashery bits to the badger prize.

Inspiration pack (buttons,trim and fabric) plus 2 colourful doillies.

And I will also be adding a 2nd prize

Inspiration pack plus a vintage fabric pincushion.

....and even a 3rd prize

Inspiration pack plus a vintage fabric pincushion (am I repeating myself )

Now, onto the admin side of things.
I am now aware that I have no way of monitoring who pops over to Facebook and likes Millies Trust
but I also know that all my lovely blog visitors will do just that because you are ace.
If you are not a Facebooker then that makes it a bit tricky mcsnicky but do not worry.
I am entering all my commenters, followers and new followers into this giveaway.
This is all about awareness regarding the importance of basic first aid and in particular for young children and babies.
You can visit the official website here and find out all about Dan, Jo and their amazing work.

Thanks to my Etsy shoppers of yesterday.
I am still donating 25% of my sales to Millies Trust.
Click on a fox, a badger or a kitty and donate whilst gaining a friendly critter.

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Hello Emma, I liked on fb yesterday! Heard about your amazing friends on tv, and am full of admiration that they can turn such a personal tragedy into a positive and help others in the process. As a registered childminder it is compulsory that I have a valid paediatric first aid certificate, so know the importance of this vital training. Well done to you too for highlighting this.


    Love Claire xxx

  2. What an amazing cause to support and what incredible friends you have... good on you for spreading the word... Cx

  3. I am going to go buy a kitty when I get paid xx

  4. What a very admirable cause. Thank you for highlighting it. xx

  5. What a super idea and cause, I will be popping over to facebook to click and read page, thanks for alerting them to me. I especially enjoyed your kids morning, its lovely to know that we all have children who like to express themselves ! :) My little son, in extreme circumstances uses the term bleedie :) with rather a serious facial expression ! have a great creative week ! x x x

  6. Did you manage to keep your face straight at the school comments-honest? Been to f.b. Wonderful couple.

    1. Thanks Veronica.
      I never manage to keep my face straight, useless.
      This morning he asked me how he can get his hands on some fake ID??
      He is a nutter!

  7. Hi Emma! I have just discovered your blog, and I'm in total admiration of it! Love your work! But, more importantly, I admire that you are raising awareness for Millie's Trust...I had a look at the FB page, and my heart broke...Will share the cause, and do my bit!
    All the very best for 2013!
    Tania x
    P.S. Fabulous caravan...feeling a little green with envy! ;)

    1. Hi Tania, Thanks for sharing Millies story.
      The caravan has been abandoned for now, too frosty. I must go and de-ice him. xxx