Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Nice Things

Hello All!

My badgers making money for charity :)

How are you? 
I am currently adjusting to some free time, rather nice and yet a bit strange at the same time.
I have been busy building up stock and thinking in depth about sorting my house out.
The thinking is the easy bit ;)
From reading everyones blogs I see that everyone is going through the post Christmas 
organizing phase, it must be like the Noro virus...highly contagious but nausea inducing.

Something I made instead of doing more important things.

I am not including the Noro virus as part of my 'nice things' title by the way. My good friend had the virus over Christmas and she was a total mess.
I am just talking gumf now, on to some nice things.

Just arrived courtesy of Lapin &Me.

Extra large fabric covered buttons. Soon to be stitched on
my corduroy blazer.

Our boy Bill. He is now the size of a wild cat but still insists
on climbing over my head.

New footstool. Covered (unprofessionally).
    Thankyou for such a lovely response to my giveaway and Millies Trust.
For this reason and plenty more reasons I absolutely must add blogging to my 'nice things' post today. 
Such a wonderful forum for thoughts, community, friendships and general happy state of mind.

Thanks for reading. x 


  1. I think we are part of a wonderful community! Just trying to decide, fox, badger or Puss! It's my daughters 12th birthday soon, I want to gently remind her not to grow up too fast, think one of these would be the perfect antidote, but which one!!! :) x

    1. Why don't I do you a special order kitty? favourite colour and outfit etc.

  2. Lovely things...definitely feeling the urge to declutter but I'm so bad at it! It's definitely less awful than the Norovirus though. One of our lovely things recently has been having your lovely tomcat and fox to play with - the boys really love them. And a big Hurrah for blogging! x

    1. Ahh, I am so glad they like them. It is lovely to get good feedback and to know that the kiddies love them so much.
      Blogging rocks!!

  3. The buttons are very cool, laughed at your comment "Something I made instead of doing more important things." that's me exactly!

    1. Hi Linda, I do need to get a grip. Just messing about with things to avoid 'real work'. More fun though!
      Emma xxx

  4. Just been on facebook now (prev post). And have been re-reminded to get myself booked on a first aid course so thankyou.
    Hope you had a great christmas,

    1. Nelly I am so pleased that you are doing the first aid course, fantastic!
      Emma xxx

  5. Love the fabric on the stool and the cats... real and made!! Cx

  6. mmmmm, nice things!
    And good to see my little sister nelly has signed up for a first aid course (above)...if anybody needs one SHE does!!! (High IQ, low common sense!)
    It's nearly the weekend....wooo hooo
    fee x

  7. Hmmm think I might need to buy a badger soon....I live in Blandford home of Badger beers...guess what their advertising logo is them!!
    Some more foxy tomorrow, tell your son, its the last instalment...please feel free to use any pics you want for your own use!
    Bestest d x

    1. last sad.
      I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing Foxy on his travels. Thanks so much xx

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