Monday, 21 January 2013

The Joy of Vintage Miniatures

Very snowy here but not snowy enough for school closures. Littlest is livid.
Just a quickie before I become a domestic goddess for the day, wanted to share something.
Pop along and check out my latest contribution. I love writing for Vintage Manchester and yet another of my NY resolutions is to write more.
This Saturday I am attending a very cool shop opening which will be followed up by my next article.
I will let you know when it is online.
Hope to be back later if not too exhausted, my house resembles a squat ;)
Thanks for reading. X


  1. Emma, thats a peach!
    Well who knew?
    you have so many hidden talents... a miniature interior designer!
    Daisy x

  2. Oh wow, can't wait to hear about the shop opening! Loved the article for Vintage Manchester and the little house x

  3. Very good indeed dear Oooh Betty - if only I could shrink myself I would be moving in. I am partial to a doll's house....
    Best wishes