Friday, 18 January 2013

Thrifty Thursday (yeah, it's a day late).

2013=the year of efficiency.....NOT
I am thinking that Thrifty Thursday may need to become something else.
I have come to realize, 2 weeks into the New Year, that I am not a person capable of leading a structured life.

Maybe, when I am back in good health I may attempt structured living one more time.
I went to see Dr Penny earlier in the week and was told that I have 'chronically low' iron levels.
Dr Penny has a plan and the plan is this.
 I will take 3 iron tablets a day for 8 weeks, stop, and then see if the iron 
supply diminishes. If they do the outcome is basically grim.
It involves cameras, 1 down my throat and 1 up my a**e. If it comes to that I can assure you that
 1) I will be in a very bad mood 
2) I will not be blogging about it and
 3) Things will go quiet on here for a while and on my return to blogging the whole episode will not be spoken of ever again!!

So, for now, I just have 'chronic' constipation to look forward to. Deep joy.

anyway, moving away from my a**e and on to more jolly things,
here are my thrifty finds.

I couldn't resist these. Lets hope I can find them at Christmas!

Pretty tray, not my usual thing but I like it and one can never have too many trays.

This is the makers mark. Not seen this one before.

I am most pleased with this wooden lamp base, right up my street.
I just need a funky shade now. 

I also received a lovely package from Linda of
If you haven't visited her blog, do, it is brilliant and funny. I love her most recent post about her failure to complete a jigsaw puzzle. 

Here are a few of the lovely things I got.

Just beautiful. I don't think I will ever want to use these cards.

I have already put my birdie on the wall.

Could these placemats be any more perfect in my kitchen?!

I am so lucky! I think Linda knows me so well. I also got an orange flask (me and orange), and
a lovely ladybird book (me and ladybird books).
Thanks Linda and I have sent you a few treats too.

Today I will mostly be working on my newest critter addition. 
They should be on my Etsy shelves very soon, just in time for Easter???

Thanks for reading. x

Footnote: 3 tricky questions courtesy of my 6 year old son.
1- what does 'Toss Piece' mean
2-what is PMT
3- How do I get myself some fake ID


  1. Poor you re the iron. re the Constpation - try Lactulose v good. Love the critters! And the 6 yr old's questions! Have a good weekend.

  2. I might have to have one of those little critters, but just for myself this time! Have you had your Vit d levels checked? I think your body finds it hard to get iron if the Vit d is low :) x

  3. Little cotton tails yay!!! But not yay to iron deficiency and constipation!!! Boo...will bring some liquorice and a clementine when I see you :) xxx

  4. Good luck with the medication! Love that tray!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Great questions but I am intrigued to know your answers? Hope all goes well health wise.

  6. Hope the iron works so you can avoid the unmentionables ... love those little cottontails ... wishing you a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  7. I am so sorry to hear of your woes. Such a funny blog post though, despite it all.

    Fingers crossed for the iron levels to zoom back up.

    LOVING your 6 year-old's queries.


  8. ha ha footnote....and love those bunny bottoms.....x

  9. Oh no hope the iron tablets work - dried apricots and very high in iron and help to 'keep you regular' - tasty too! Love all your finds especially that lamp base, I make lampshades to order - let me know if you'd like me to make you one! You can see a few of my fabrics over on my facebook page...
    Good luck with the iron malarkey...and ta for the laughs from your boy! xx

  10. I would ignore the iron suggestion and try taking sunvite vitamin d3 instead--I was wrongly diagnosed with iron problems, but it was vitamin d I was deficient in not iron. Alot of women are--maybe ask for a test. the nhs stinks----but onto your bunny tails rather than your tail end--they are looking mighty fine !! xxx bun buns are my favourite thing ! xx

  11. Iron tablets can sometimes make you go more often so dont discount that possiblity! Either way a bit grim, if you take them with fresh orange juice they absorb better too (or any form of vitamin least that is what I was told to do). If you do have the camera up your nether regions maybe you should overcome the embarrassment and get it out there(so to speak!!) People are always embarrassed by nether regions and talking about them but they are parts of the body like anything else!!!!
    P.s I am feeling pretty miserable having been in bed for a few days feeling cr*p with flu but I have laughed out loud at your 6 year old's questions.Oh to have been a fly on your wall!

    1. Lovely prospect...the dreaded squits!
      I always answer his queries with a very vague/ untrue answer.
      Apparently he wants the fake ID for 'clubbing'. God help us.

  12. oh dear, yes I always think of vit c, to help absorb the iron, like boiled egg an orange juice. hope all goes well, Heather x

  13. Oh dear - sorry to hear about your health difficulties. I love the questions though! When are we going to hear your answers...... Ha ha! Jx

  14. Bad craic Emma, hope you feel better soon, so glad you like all the pressies xx

  15. Ha! been there done that ....the questions not the iron thingy...
    I let him watch an episode of the inbetweeners...disaster whats a 'bj' was the question, I gave him a factual answer...yuk he said thats disgusting!! the other half saidto wait until he was older....
    By the way one last foxy post over at mine, suitable for all ages....
    daisy x

  16. Loved reading about your finds as usual. Really hope the iron tablets do the trick (all fingers crossed) look forward to your next post.