Wednesday, 16 January 2013

winner, winner, what's for dinner?

Hello all!
Frosty is not the word, thank goodness Mr Betty had the good sense to buy me a hat for Christmas.
Being a short haired lass (I am growing it a bit), one does worry about ones ears. I have been wearing the aforementioned hat today and it has done a sterling job!

I am here to announce the winners of my giveaway, chosen from all my lovely followers.
The 1st prize is a Badger in a Bag, along with some extras, and the two 2nd prizes are a inspiration pack (fabric, buttons and trim) and a pin cushion made by my good self.

The strange thing about this is that the 3 I have drawn are bloggers I feel I hardly know, blog wise of course. It has been rather nice getting to know their lovely blogs and I will most definitely, in the future, check over my follower list and have a good read of all the blogs.....much better than TV(other than Dog The Bounty Hunter, that is my fave).

Before I announce the winners I must just share (bore you with) some pics.
I have been spending a few pennies with Lapin and Me of late, very addictive. 

Cute 'TOYS' bunting, in the sale.

Couldn't resist. Got this before Christmas and I love her.

Great xmas present, years magazine subscription. I don't live in the country but it is nice
 to dream. Coasters from Vintage Village.

Can't bear to pack away my 'Little Teawagon' bauble.
I am risking bad luck and keeping this deco out!!

 Okay, time for the winners.
1st prize winner is  (you have a gorgeous summer house)
2nd prize winner is (you have a very cute dog)
3rd prize winner is (you are cool)

I will contact you all if I can and you can contact me at with your address.

Lastly, and the reason I have added 'what's for dinner' in my title is that I have realised, I have been neglecting my 'tonight I will mostly be.....'
I think that I have become uninspired with my mealtime choices. This is going to be an additional NY resolution. Meal planning, trying new things and talking more about food.

So tonight I will mostly be.....reading my many recipe books. Any family recipe ideas welcome (as long as they don't contain sluggy mushrooms).
Thanks for reading. x


  1. Lapin and me... "OOh & aah"
    I'm supposed to be keeping my purse shut...will just take a teeny tiny peek then....
    D x

  2. Errr I think I need Orange doll now...bad Betty tempting us with your lovely wares xxxxx

  3. Ahhh Lapin and Me. I could spend a fortune there!!

    Jem xXx

  4. Oooh how lovely! Thank you...I'll be in touch.
    I love that doll.

  5. This is a test message as I've tried so many times to leave replies on your blog using my phone, and ipad, but failed.....fingers crossed I might have cracked it this time.....

  6. Hurray! I've done it!

    Now then, what is the meaning of you showing us your gorgeous Lapin and Me goodies? I was on their website sweeping items into my basket before I was even conscious of it. I had to leave my full basket on the shelf when I realised what I was doing.

    I've been enjoying the Apples for Jam recipe book recently - I've tried a couple of really simple recipes from there, one being a lamb recipe (if you want to up your red meat intake). It's super easy to cook (it needs to be, as I'm rubbish in the kitchen).


  7. Sch a cute little doll. Congrats to the winners.

  8. Oooh what lovely things ... and what lucky winners ... going off now to visit Lapin and Me ... Mr Fox arrived safely the other day ... thanks so much ... he is receiving much love from my little ones and thank you for the little surprise ... you are a star ... Bee xx

    1. Hi Bee, glad you like Mr Fox.
      Did you buy anything from Lapin and Me, bet you did! xxx

  9. Congratulations to the lucky winners! Going to look at Lapin and me now xxx

  10. Beautiful photos . Love the bunting!

  11. hey - I've linked back to your blog on my current post and used a couple of your badger photos - hope that's ok!
    I sent you a FB message too - hope you got it?
    Fee xxx
    (ps check Jane's bag next time she leaves...that orange doll is right up her street!!)