Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Springy Thingy Giveaway

Oooh, what a day!!
It is so sunny and lovely here in Manchester (no it really is).
I have been inspired this week by many things and I thought I would share an idea, and my happy feeling, with a Springy Thingy Giveaway.

I did this post last year when my blog was a wee fledgling. I enjoyed hearing other peoples favourite things about this time of year. I know it is not officially spring, but there are lambs on the field in front of my house so to me it is damn well near enough.

Whilst searching T'Ebay for 'vintage plastic things', which just so happens to be one of my most bestest pastimes, I stumbled upon this.

I love pretty much everything about it.
I thought to myself....I could make that if I put my mind to it.
Of course, it would be more simple, much like myself. It would also be made of things that I had, or that I could find whilst pottling.

pottling finds
Last night, during a heavy TV viewing session I had a little fiddle (not of the rude kind).

It is but a pilot run, but I think with a bit more fiddling (still not rude), I could make it even better.
What do you think?

So, I feel I should let someone else have a go which brings me neatly to the first part of the giveaway.

DIY posy brooch kit (will include brooch back of course)
I bet you can do a better job than me.

The second part of my giveaway is a pin cushion that I made out of a perfectly nice vintage pot towel.
read about my crime here.

pins included
.....and the third part ties in rather nicely as it is actually an un-butchered pot towel.
This is ace!!

vintage oxo
......and lastly, but certainly not leastly, are some traditional Oooh Betty goodies

DIY dolly peg. find inspiration here

vintage springy trim
I hope this gets you in a Springy mood :)
The rules are as follows: tell me what you love about Spring,
follow me here or on Facebook, and if you share the link, anywhere, let me know and you will get double dibs.
I hope that is not asking too much. I am trying to be a bit more business like and I won't lie....I want to reach 200 followers. 200 is a good number and it just so happens to be the exact number of random boys socks I have in my random boys socks basket (yes, I do have one).

Thanks for reading, it was a bit of a long-un. x


  1. What a lovely giveaway!
    Here in Gloucestershire we didn't see any sun until about 4 pm and suddenly we had blue skies and sunshine!
    I love Spring and everything it brings! particularly the sunshine this year!

  2. Lovely, lovely giveaway ! I love the way the Spring sunshine puts a smile on everyone's face, and little lambs and chicks and Easter Eggs, oh I could go on forever! Have shared on Google, FB and will try and do the techno thingy too!

    Do I sound excited?

    I am

    Claire xx

  3. Oooh lovely stuff ! I love how it's still light at 5.45pm !! And that the sun is moving round to stream into the front of my house finally after the long winter.
    I have Pinned and facebooked on both facebooks. I did say I really really need a pincushion and the colour combo of pink,orange and yellow is my all time favourite
    Jo xxx

  4. What a fabulous giveaway. I'd love to be considered. Yay, there was blue sky as I was coming home from work this afternoon - a rare sight! xx

  5. I love spring because it's the official end of winter and the launchpad to summer! I hate the cold, so I am desperate for spring to come soon! Have already pinned your lovely pincushion as it just cried out for it. Will facebook and follow now.

  6. im in australia,so im not sure if you'll want to post to overseas,but i thought id tell u my favourite things about spring in aus anyway!.daffodils,lots of public holidays,the last term of school year...and my favourite thing of all- going to fetes and fairs every weekend!


  7. ps- ill share u and ur loveliness on my blog!

  8. I had sheets on the line today! Gorgeous! Love these little things I'll keep my fingers crossed

  9. I love to see the lambs in the fields and maybe if we are lucky the sun makes an appearance every now and then! Fab giveaway. I love, love, LOVE your pincushions! I will also share on facebook. Sue x

  10. Oooh, lovely goodies!
    I am an Australian living in Belgium, so this whole Spring thing is still a novelty to me. I love the daffodils and the magnolias, but mostly the teeny tiny possibility of a little bit of sunshine and some warmth on my back! It's still below zero here though at the moment :( x Rhi

  11. I love the fact that it gets warmer, and after living in a house with no heating for 3 years now it makes our daily living that little bit more bearable! Fab giveaway, I'll go like on fb too x

  12. I love spring ... especially the flowers and new calves on my dad's farm and the look of glee on my wee one's faces when they first see them ... thanks for the chance in this lovely giveaway ... Bee xx

  13. What a lovely giveaway... To me the best thing about spring is definately the flowers - daffodils, snowdrops, crocuses - I love them all.
    M xxxx

  14. Where to start...? The lighter evenings for sure. The prettiness, the pastels, the cuteness it makes me want to fill my house with. Hyacinths in the kitchen. Trying not to buy more pets. Ok enough!
    I've shared on Facebook and will do a blog link too.

  15. Oh so many lovely things! My favourite thing about spring is the blossom - I love all the flowers but a cherry or apple tree covered in blossom makes me absurdly happy. xx

  16. My favourite thing about spring is being able to garden!
    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  17. I'm soooo ready for spring - I love the flowers that start to bloom - the first pretty things alive for months - and the first bit of warm sunshine on your face whilst you drink a cup of tea outside for the first time :) I follow you here and on Etsy and I'd love to entered into the giveaway :)

  18. ~ Ooh So much to LOVE about spring...But I will start with my birthday! ( Don't mind getting older, it just means I LIVE longer) hehe...New life all around... ~The Crocus and Snow drops are Springs first promise of what is to follow ~ Brighter longer days and Easter! I love Easter time so much! I am of course a follower and I will pop on over to FB too! Happy Days ....Maria x

  19. Oh my!! What gorgeous goodies! My favourite things about spring-I have a few! When you hear the birds chirping for the first time in a morning, I drive home from work in day light. Spring flowers- good old daffs and snowdrops. Smiley faces because the sun shone during the day and time for a good old spring clean- out with old and in with new!! Xx

  20. I like to smell the air and know that I can plant flowers and veggies soon. Spring always feels so fresh.

  21. When spring comes along,
    There's joy in my heart.
    The world is all warm,
    So I don't need to the fire, itch me chilblains, hug a bottle or wear ten jumpers and a woolly hat.
    Eco Ethel xx

  22. I love the Spring because it is a hopeful time, it promises warmth and sunshine, colourful flowers and new shoots. Of course British summers don't always have much warmth and sunshine but Spring always makes us think it is a possibility!
    Mrs RV x

  23. I love going for walks in the Spring and hearing the buzzing all around me of the insects reappearing and life returning under the blue skies and sunshine

    karen s
    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  24. I love the spring flowers and the birdsong, and the longer days and the warmer temperatures....

  25. Hi there! Oh you have a lovely blog!!
    I'm your newest follower :)
    I love the weather getting warmer, all the pretty flowers, green grass starting to come back and enjoy watching the birds out on the feeders and bird baths :)
    Would love a chance to your fantastic giveaway!!! :) Hugs, Holly

  26. I just liked your facebook page too! :) Hope you have a lovely day!

  27. Hi, I love feeling warm sun on my face again (even though I'll probably still be wearing a coat), and the new shoots coming through the soil.
    I've tweeted the link to this too.. off to find you on FB now :-)