Friday, 8 March 2013

A shade confused.

I am having a bedroom refurb.
This is to include the following: new bed and bedding
                   sanded/painted floorboards
new window dressing (best bit)
new light fitting/shade

It is, of course, mine and the Mrs room but he has quite clearly stated that he wishes to have no part in the whole process. I think after 9 years of me and my decor ups and downs he is totally cheesed off.
I like this. It suits me down to the ground.

I plan to do all the bits that could cause him to huff and puff whilst he is away working in Dubai...plan or what!!

I thought that I would share my thought process on my blog if that is ok, and don't laugh...I am going minimalist. My theory is this; peaceful bedroom (colours etc) peaceful sleep.

As you know, I am of a thrifty nature so everything is going to be to a tight budget, until I get to the soft furnishings anyhow. I have been looking at light shades for under 30 pounds and I am quite impressed with the choice at this price level.
See what you think.

I like all of these shades and I think it is reassuring to know that one can still get a stylish bargain!!
I think I will move on to curtain fabrics next. 

Tonight I will mostly be getting drunk to enable me to sleep through the night. 
Eldest is going to a gig in Blackpool and is staying the night... IN BLACKPOOL. 
Stressed is not the word.

FOOTNOTE: This morning, Littlest asked me "what is PMT"
I tried to exlain PMT as best I could. He followed my explanation with "Oh, I thought it was an explosive"
I explained he was probably thinking of TNT.
He then asked me "would it be ok if I told Mrs Allen that I think she may have PMT"
I said, No!!
Mrs Allen is his teacher.


  1. Me likey...fave is the striped habitat one! Poor Mrs Allen I bet she gets told all sorts ;-) xxx

  2. I love all the wicker ones you should def go for one of those, however I would avoid the Ikea knappa klover, my friend bought one very similar that had to be put together, between him, myself and my sister neither of us could do it and he left my house with it still in pieces!!!

  3. Oh dear, poor Mrs Allen! I like the Habitat kura one. xx

  4. Don't laugh but b & q have had a makeover... I was so so impressed with their lamps AND their give them a once over before you decide,
    d x

  5. Oh dear ... poor Mrs Allen ... love the shades especially the Ikea Klover one ... Bee xx

  6. Love all the shades, but be warned that any you have to put together like the Ikea tend to be so delicate they are impossible to dust. I had to get rid of the 2 in my living room as every time I touched them to clean a bit came apart!
    Also decide how much you will need the main light as the wicker ones tend to dull brightness down :)


  7. So funny! PMT/TNT - both can be explosive but in different ways, thankfully.

    Excellent selection of lamp shades. The habitat leksi is my favourite - good value for money.

    Gillian x

  8. PMT is indeed highly explosive in our house - two girls...poor Dom...
    Thank you for letting us know about Betty Magazine - Bronte is quite taken with it so we may have to purchase. Those wicker shades can be found at car boots - I have a couple...from the 70s....oh dear again!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I am sure Blackpool was just fine
    Best wishes

  9. TNT! that's funny!! Heather x