Thursday, 7 March 2013

Aunty Ruth

Aunty Ruth was actually Mr Betty's step grandma but she was, in reality, the same as a real grandma.
Aunty Ruth lived next door to Mr Betty's mum and dad, much the same as my mum lives next door to me. Sadly, Aunty Ruth has very recently passed away.

Aunty Ruth was a teacher, all her working life. She was also a hoarder, just like you see on the TV, possibly worse.
My in-laws are struggling to clear her little house and along the way I get a few things that are deemed 'right up my street'. 
Today I received some clothes. 3 dresses and a cape. 
I am not much of a vintage clothing wearer but I do have a few items and I can very much appreciate beautiful things, that bit is easy.

Mr Betty was a bit cheeky and said that I would never fit into these beautiful dresses.

Well, Mr Betty was wrong!!
They fit perfectly and are the most beautiful dresses I have ever worn.
All handmade by Aunty Ruth's tiny, skilled hands.

Aunty Ruth, I hope I can wear them with as much grace, as you have showed throughout your life. x


  1. Beautiful frocks, to be worn with pleasure and treasured forever in memory of a lovely lady,

    Love Claire xx

  2. Lovely dresses... so glad they fit so you can celebrate her life by enjoying her handiwork... Cx

  3. My dad is a hoarder too and I am trying to persuade him to let me sort some rooms out now with no luck! I know when the time comes it will take a long time.
    Those dresses are absolutely beautiful and I am so pleased they fit you.I'm sure you will treasure them.

  4. How touching. I hope you will enjoy wearing them as a tribute to Aunty Ruth's memory, not to mention her evident skill, taste and style. I'm sure she would be so pleased!

  5. This is just lovely ... how sweet that they fit perfectly ... a really special way to remember Aunty Ruth ... I love the first dress ... the fabric is very pretty ... Bee xx

  6. such cool dresses...and such a lovely way to remember someone very sad that my family ditched most of my nana's clothes when she passed away....i was young and didnt think to put my hand up for anything at the time,but now i would have loved it if i cld wear some of her dresses......thnx for making smile with this post.


  7. So sorry to hear this sad news. The dresses are stunning and I hope you enjoy wearing them, I'm sure she would be so pleased they were being worn and loved again. xxx

  8. Lovely dresses and so lovely that you are giving them some new life....I am sure they will enjoy some super outings with you...?
    Daisy j

  9. What beautiful dresses!! I'm sure she would love to see you have and wear them :) xo Holly

  10. What a lovely tribute to Aunty Ruth - beautiful dresses x Jane