Thursday, 28 March 2013

Au Naturale

Is anyone else completely in love with the new H&M advert featuring Vanessa Paradis??
It stirs in me, the need to go 'Au Naturale'
Don't panic, you are not about to be faced with pictures of me in the buff, that would just be cruel...I am  certainly no Ms Paradis.

Whilst still debating about the scheme for the bedroom (sorry to bore you), I decided I would search for some nature inspired ideas. 
For many years I have bobbed by Zara Home for interior stuff. I haven't, truth be told, bought that much but I think that could be about to change.
See what you think.

I just love it!
I am not saying that this is the direction in which my boudoir will be going but it is definitely food for thought. 
The search continues.....

I am off to the charity shop. I hope i find some treasures to share. x


  1. Have fun treasure hunting! Love those bird pillows! :) xo Holly

  2. Well what do you know - I didn't even know there was a Zara home! Love those bird cushions x Jane

  3. I love the birdies!!! Very lively and colourful!