Thursday, 14 March 2013

Charity Shop Treasure (maybe)

Hello, just back from the charity shop and I actually found treasure, AND took some pics!!
Now, please don't think I just wander around taking pics of things for you, today I did a bit of tidying and then I was on till duty. We were quite busy due to a pound sale.
 I also had a very long and interesting chat with a stamp collector (can't think of its official title, something to do with phlem??). 
 Anyhows, on with my discoveries.

A large amount of Stockholm Leaping Deer....tempted!

I love this sort of thing, can anyone think of a use for it other than singles?

Pretty vintage china....tempted!

Nearly bought this. Vintage airline melamine, shame it is brown (and dirty).

and, I bought these little donkeys home.
Tonight I will mostly be eating pizza (naughty, lazy, but nice) and probably making pompoms....somebody stop me!!!
Thanks for reading. x


  1. ...gosh you were very strong....donkeys would be my first choice too(gorgeous!)....thank you for introducing me to Betty magazine - bought one and LOVE it! enjoy the pizza!x

    1. I am strong!
      i am so glad you like betty magazine.x

  2. I have only just gone and bought 'red' mag..... don't usually but had a peep at you in Tescos, and thought I saw a few other articles to peruse....?
    Putting kettle on now for a quick read.....
    D x

  3. I know a man who would love that record rack :D pom poms and pizza over here tonight too xxx enjoy xxx

  4. Nigella has the very same Stockholm china!

    1. Does she?
      I am becoming more tempted by the minute! x

  5. Philately! How can you resist such finds - I absolutely love the deer collection! As for the singles rack - patterns! Quick go back and buy it because it will help organise your stuff which means it is priceless and therefore free and thus worth it's weight in gold which must be quite a bit so really you will be making quite a lot of money from it - and that is the sort of reasoning I use when I have to find an excuse! Jane x

  6. I have a tea set exactly the same as the green one in your photo - it is really lovely. Like the first pic too.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Philatelist! I love the deer crockery, very Christmassy ...

    You did well only bringing the pictures home, very restrained ... I couldn't do it!

    Love Claire xxx

  8. Wow, how did you not bring the whole lot home with you?? And why oh why do I never find anything this good in my local charity shops?

    I love the Stockholm leaping deer - perfect for a retro Christmas table.

    Gillian x

  9. Would love to own the Stockholm china!!
    Victoria xx

  10. Love the Stockholm china too, great to bring out at xmas.

  11. I adore the Stockholm china. I'd have buckled and got the lot! Ditto the donkeys and I'm pleased they went home with you!xx

  12. I would have bought the lot!!!!

  13. What are you waiting for woman? Get that stag china! You know you'll regret it if you don't. In fact I'm almost regretting it on your behalf! Love the leaping donkey. I didn't know they could...
    Ellie x

  14. Oooh! You really DID find treasure!!1 :-)
    Hope you enjoyed your pizza and pompom-ing!

  15. Love your finds and thank you for the introduction for Betty magazine