Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Ophelia Button

Do you remember when I did a post called 'dolly peg how to'?
I thought they were pretty cool, that is until I saw Ophelia Buttons creations.

I am very lucky because I know Ophelia Button, aka Nico.
I met her at Lo-Fi, probably my most favourite night out, ever. Nico is the lady that teaches me how to make things such as fascinators, patchwork hearts and pincushion rings.

Nico has very kindly put together a guest post so that you can see her amazing ladies.
I bet you like them, and her, as much as I do.


My name is Red (you will probably recognise me as the face of valentines!)

I was created by Ophelia button at button headquarters. www.opheliabutton.co.uk

It's a colorful place where we are let loose to chose our outfits from a vast array of beautiful vintage materials.

We adorn ourselves and our wool with found treasures!

As I was chosen as the face of valentines some of my friends were a tiny bit jealous, and when 'Ooh Betty' asked if we would like to be her guests, I thought this the perfect opportunity to show off my friends.

We are all beautiful in our own individual way. I hope you agree x

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Hi, They certainly are very unique - each in their own way!!

  2. Very cute! I read your little feature in Red magazine yesterday, very cool! Well done. Maurice is beautiful, a perfect little crafty nook :-)

  3. Oh Emma,I've just seen your sewing room clock - it's gorgeous!