Monday, 29 April 2013

Fair stuff and a winner (better late than never)

 I have been nowt short of a slacker this last week
I am way behind with my giveaway winner (to be announced any moment)
things have conspired against me over the last few days including the lurgy, fair prep for a fair that had no customers, and a bit of a hoohaa involving Mr Bettys business that required me to offer a lot of moral support and many more cuddles

I sometimes choose to completely avoid blogging about a fair when it is total pants but I have decided to talk about the one on saturday despite it being a massive flop
the reason I can find the strength to discuss said event is that there were really fabby stall holders that I am totally keen to talk about 

given that us stall holders had more than enough time to get to know one another, I managed to make some new mates and take plenty of pics
here are my most faves


me (again) and the launch of my 'pocket money pets'
 I did manage, by some sort of miracle given the footfall (about 30 peeps if your asking), to sell a few of my new critters

agatha blue
Agatha Blue's stuff was really pretty, I particularly loved these colourful frames
had I have taken enough money I would have purchased these in yellow, very Springy!

cool brooches

more agatha blue

cool pastic (right up my street)

more reconsidered retro
I was in awe of the Reconsidered Retro stall
so colourful, fantastic packaging and presentation, a real feast for the eyes....I needed it to break the boredom ;)

I met a totally cool lady, ace hair and style may I add, and probably a new stall mate.
she has a good eye for fabrics and we did a great swap which will be revealed during my next 'nice things' post
I am hoping to do a 'nice things' post tomorrow but I am not making any promises as I have the lurgy and I can hardly walk due to a bad back

 you can find more of her her stuff via The Joyful Nester

the joyful nester on Etsy  and Facebook

love these
 I also met this lovely lady
such a talent

very talented artist Lucy Gell
so, to sum it up, it was a piece of s**t fair
who was to blame? who knows?
am I giving the craft thing up?
not too sure as yet

 and now on to a brighter note, and we have a winner
I actually follow this person on Instagram....I think
she has an amazing cafe that is annoyingly far away from my home and she entered via Facebook

well done Hayley Gosling
I will post on your FB wall

thanks for reading, I feel better now!!

sorry about the terrible grammar, writing,punctuation and lack of order in this here post
my back is in spasm and Mr Betty needs to bring me some chocolate x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

New Pets

my blogging is on fire this week
I am highly efficient if I do say so myself

yesterday I was felling creative so I decided to design and make some new critters
I don't know if you are like me and get bored quite easily, but I was feeling like I needed a change





I am working on a badger...gotta have a badger
tonight I will be working on the packaging I will launch them at my next fair

please tell me what you think
which one is your fave
I love to know your thoughts

thanks for reading x

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I love this house

last night I spent a lovely evening chilling out at my friend Beths house
we normally do a bit of crafting whilst our children play
she has a little girl who loves to craft so I like to spend some girly time with her (my 3 boys just don't seem interested in dolly pegs?)
I asked beth if she would mind me taking a few pics to share with you, she has such lovely things
and this is just a snippet of her home

cushion made by Beth at a Donna Wilson event

I will probably pinch these on my next visit

she loves my critters

this new seat covering was our craft project for last night

I love to see other peoples styles. seeing them in 'real life' can be so much better than in any interiors books. getting up close to see the details on things you love, checking out the books that they like to look at.
many moons ago, when my blogging had just started, I did a post about OOB'x house.
pop over here and take a look.

tonight I will mostly be eating healthily (poop) and making things for my next craft fair....more about that very soon. 
thanks for reading x

Monday, 15 April 2013


yesterday was a good day and today has been a good day too
my stall at Vintage Village was a triumph, if I do say so myself
apologies, no photos and I will explain
my stall was looking tippity top for all of about 10 minutes and then a very nice couple rocked up and bought 50% of my treasures
this is what every stallie wants, don't get me wrong. thing is, my stall didn't look so tiptop for the rest of the day
apologies to Crafting Not Cleaning who very kindly paid me a visit. if you are nice enough to visit again I will make absolutely sure that I have a good stash of back up stock

anyway, on with some other stuff

today I have been on a mooch with OOB
whilst on our travels I picked up a few goodies, one of then being just perfect for Maurice my 1970s Sprite 400 caravan workroom
on my return I was just itching to hook up with maurice for a couple of hours and introduce him to his new accessory
this very quickly turned into a full on sprucing session
 (if only I could put as much effort into the household chores)

oojamaflip trolley of orange greatness

thrifted bedspreads of joy

thrifted pics, i just had to have them

thrifted tin of threads

thrifted tablecloth

and I thought to myself, whilst spending some time with Maurice, that I had been oh so lucky to find the most perfect caravan wallpaper
and then I wondered if anyone else would like a roll for themselves

I would like to giveaway my last roll of this most lovely, easy to use wallpaper
just let me know what you would do with this roll of 70s paper, become or just continue to be a lovely follower. I will draw the winner in 5 days time, extra dibs for Facebook likes!
because that is actually a bit of a pants giveaway (yes it is), I am also adding this little beauty

it is just lovely
it is pink, it stores Sylko cottons and dress pins and it will even come with vintage wooden bobbins included
(I will probs send it all 2nd class if that is ok. the postage costs? what's going on?)

I have just spent a lovely half hour, eating cake and drinking tea, whilst watching Mr Betty do something noisy with a metal thing
Spring has most definitely arrived :)

thanks for reading. x

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Vintage Village pre fair's all about the sun.

Excited? Me?
Just a little ;)
Tomorrow I am back at Vintage Village Stockport, as a stall holder.
I love it, why have I been away so long?
Well, it's like this. I have had a real lack of decent stock and the items that I do have to sell are all a bit too summery for the winter we have just had.
Who can even begin to think about a vintage deck chair when it is minus 10 (I have 2 deckchairs btw).
Who can think about picnics and tupperware (I have quite a bit of that too).
So lets hope, on the hottest day of the year thus far, you customers can see the need to get into the mood and kit oneself out for the summer.

spring baking i'm thinking scones, rock buns

hot chocolate, cup of tea? orange camping table?

weekend away?

colourful picnic?

And if you have to spend the day in the office, make it a cool one!
Come and see me if you can, I will be the one that looks over excited!
Thanks for reading. x

btw: I will have a couple of each of my critters in boxes.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Charity Shop Treasure part 4

Just a few treasures to share.
Lets see if you can guess what I bought home.



teeny tiny tea cups

I will be selling at Vintage Village this Sunday.
Tomorrow I will be blogging a few pre tasters, I really hope to see you there.
Thanks for reading. x