Monday, 15 April 2013


yesterday was a good day and today has been a good day too
my stall at Vintage Village was a triumph, if I do say so myself
apologies, no photos and I will explain
my stall was looking tippity top for all of about 10 minutes and then a very nice couple rocked up and bought 50% of my treasures
this is what every stallie wants, don't get me wrong. thing is, my stall didn't look so tiptop for the rest of the day
apologies to Crafting Not Cleaning who very kindly paid me a visit. if you are nice enough to visit again I will make absolutely sure that I have a good stash of back up stock

anyway, on with some other stuff

today I have been on a mooch with OOB
whilst on our travels I picked up a few goodies, one of then being just perfect for Maurice my 1970s Sprite 400 caravan workroom
on my return I was just itching to hook up with maurice for a couple of hours and introduce him to his new accessory
this very quickly turned into a full on sprucing session
 (if only I could put as much effort into the household chores)

oojamaflip trolley of orange greatness

thrifted bedspreads of joy

thrifted pics, i just had to have them

thrifted tin of threads

thrifted tablecloth

and I thought to myself, whilst spending some time with Maurice, that I had been oh so lucky to find the most perfect caravan wallpaper
and then I wondered if anyone else would like a roll for themselves

I would like to giveaway my last roll of this most lovely, easy to use wallpaper
just let me know what you would do with this roll of 70s paper, become or just continue to be a lovely follower. I will draw the winner in 5 days time, extra dibs for Facebook likes!
because that is actually a bit of a pants giveaway (yes it is), I am also adding this little beauty

it is just lovely
it is pink, it stores Sylko cottons and dress pins and it will even come with vintage wooden bobbins included
(I will probs send it all 2nd class if that is ok. the postage costs? what's going on?)

I have just spent a lovely half hour, eating cake and drinking tea, whilst watching Mr Betty do something noisy with a metal thing
Spring has most definitely arrived :)

thanks for reading. x


  1. That wallpaper brings back happy memories of that thrifty day last year and of course I did end up with half the stash so don't worry I'm not entering, I just had to comment on that most lovely trolley...what a find :) xxx hurrah xxx

  2. Oooh please enter me for your giveaway. This wallpaper reminds me of the Dolly Mixtures wallpaper I had on my bedroom wall as a young girl in the 70's. And I think my Mum's friend Pamela had something similar in her kitchen. She was very with it in the 70's - smoked glass coffee table, large piece of coral as a decoration, lots of orange.

    I think I would use it to make some seed envelopes (maybe) or just to take a trip down memory lane.

    Love your blog too!

    Leanne xx

    1. Loving the idea of seed envelopes Leanne. x

  3. Count me in please! I'd make book covers - seed envelopes are a good idea too!

  4. Oh me me me ... please enter the faeries for your giveaway. We have a room that needs decorating down at the factory and this will look super duper ... How adorable is Maurice ... Sarah x

  5. Hi what a wonderful page I found you via Little tea wagon, I have purchased some of their fabrics so I can make a throw for my vintage bedroom.. I would like to do two things with this the first would be to make some notebooks as I do made with leather and paper , the paper would be on the outside and leather inside no one can resist a notebook. you can see some here facebook @ sew noted or @the handcrafted home. Secondly I have my daughter old room and behind the bed head will be some tongue and groove wood and I would like to put some of this on the top as it is a small space to cover. I do hope I win , perhaps i should not say that he he he. Thank you for a lovely giveaway anyway x

  6. Maurice looks so cosy. Love your bedspreads.

  7. Not a pants giveaway and oh my why haven't I seen Maurice before. Am I just showing there that I am a new ish follower! Flaming gorgeous. And those prints are ace, I never find stuff like that (perhaps I need to look harder and probably further!)
    Wallpaper you say...probably in our new house once bought.

  8. Sorry my iPad is a bit strange with commenting, didn't let me finish that last one.
    Not me trying to enter twice, ha ha,
    Nelly x x

  9. Hi There, Such lovely wallpaper!!!I have a huge wall unit in my workroom that needs a bit of TLC and that paper will look great on the back wall of it!!! and I really, really love that you found the space for a workroom in a caravan!!! Maurice is a wonderful, light filled, color bubble and a truly inspiring space to create in!!!

  10. Ooh that wallpaper would look fab in my new workroom (box room, a roll would be more than enough for one wall) and I love the little bobbin holder too. Great trolley and I love the little orange camping table, we had one when I was little I remember doing puzzles on it. Love, Mrs RV x

  11. Love your blog and your finds you have very similar taste and style to me. Your caravan is gorgeous such a love work space. Love the wallpaper I have just put a 60's very similar paper up in my kitchen. dee x

  12. Hello, wonderful wonderful trolley orange is so my fave at the mo! As for the wallpaper - I am thinking about getting one of those printers tray thingies to display our lego minifigures and it would be just perfect to back the litle cubby holes with :)

  13. oooooh what loveliness - I just want it all. The wall paper would definitely just fit right in, in my new craft room aka consevatory and I'm on a misson to fill it with lots of vintage goodies too. Where abouts did you find all your lovely things? Wendy x

  14. Ooh fab giveaway... I would use it for a couple of line the cupboards in our yellow vw camper and to decorate my daughter's bedside table. She is 8 and a big vintage fan!