Friday, 5 April 2013

A few non-essential purchases and more

I've been a bit quiet of late, very out of character ;)
It has been a busy easter and I have also had an illness relapse....nowt I can't handle.
I very rarely cry, mainly only at the Tv prog 'Derek', but I was verging on tears whilst at hospital t'other day.
After waiting near on 2 hours for my appointment (luckily I had a thick book), I was told that my blood test results had gone, and I quote, 'amiss'. I then had to wait another 30 minutes to have my bloods taken all over again....I have little blood left!!
Anyway, I am a big supporter of the NHS, it was mere human error. I held back the tears because I am a brave soldier.
So as you can imagine, smiling was crucial after such a hoohaa.
Straight off to the Paperchase sale and the smile just appeared right back on my little face.
Here are some other things that make me happy.

new, recommended/recommendable mags

old radio, size of a tv. donation from the FIL

a bit of a living room re-shuffle

an old teachers chair given to me by a lovely new friend

new washi tape

a little basket of wool for emergency hooking

pretty jewellery

completely non-essential items (apart from umbrella)
Tonight I will mostly be eating my mums homemade cakes.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. What a gorgeous little chair, glad your little spend cheered you up.

  2. Chin Up Chuck, I think the buying of non essentials is the way forward, hugs and squeezes longtime xXx

  3. So sorry to hear you've been having a rubbish time, hope all improves for you v. soon. I do find that Paperchase & cake is a great remedy for any malaise! Take care lovely. xx

  4. love the chair! hope you feel better soon.

    Nikki x

  5. Deservedly spoilt...hope bloodwork ends up ok....take care
    daisy j x

  6. Sorry you've been having a tough time - hopefully things will be on the up for you now. I love the teachers chair but also the green cushion on the other one - tres chic! Jane x

  7. Hello darlin - bob down the A34 anytime you're feeling blue. I may find something else for you in my Steptoes Yard of a loft! By the way, Ruby has that pencil case and I was loving that horsey tree print the other day myself! See u at VV xxxxxxx p.s. the chair looks FAB xxx

  8. Oh hope you are okay ... Derek makes me cry too ... love your non necessary purchases ... they are always the best kind I find ... Bee xx

  9. ....thank heavens for non essential shopping!..... Always helps when the going gets tough! Love everything and am partial to a little trolley dash in paper chase myself..... Especially during sale time( got some fab bargains last week!)hope you are feeling better very soon x

  10. You have so much colour in your world it's lovely! Hope you are feeling better xx

  11. It can be so frustrating waiting in hospitals, then to be told you will have to wait further......but like you said at least we have an NHS, where would those of us who use its services be without it! Lots of happy things here, I avoid paper chase.....too tempting!!! :) x

  12. Very much love your teacher's chair. Also think Wilkinson will be congratulating themselves on their decision to stock washi tape because we're all buying it! Hope the blood issue works out okay, anything like that has me reaching for cheery little treats too, well deserved in your case. x

  13. Hello Emma
    I love your blog and must come here more often. Well done for hanging in there at your hospital appointment, I work in the NHS and see things from both sides as an employee and patient sometimes. I hope you are soon on the mend. This post is just full of cheery happy photos. I love your new chair and the emergency yarn for hooking :o) I didn't know you can buy Frankie from Paperchase? I've always wanted a copy to devour. I saw that new Crafty nag in a supermarket the other day, looks delicious too xox Take care, Penny

  14. Nothing like mom's baking, lovely mags and a fab gift of a chair to make you smile. I do hope you're wait was worth it. I can empathise having spent 3 hours in outpatients on Wednesday only to be told I have a 3 month wait for orthotics appointment. We shall soldier on and keep smiling. Sarah x

  15. You can never have too many non-essentials! So long as they are beautiful, eh? I'm going to try and pick up Crafty, the ads for it look quite good. Hope you're felling better soon x

    1. Feeling, obviously! Although, if you're up for it, felling might be good....

  16. Lovely happy things designed to cheer you up. Sorry you've not been well. I hope things improve, take care. xx