Wednesday, 1 May 2013

nice things

yes, I think I am back in the swing of things this week
my back is easing up, god knows how the things I get up to (not rude)
I have a few special orders to create this week including wedding couple badgers, good fun

the bedroom is so nearly complete, if you are bored of hearing about it, think how I feel!
I am providing a nice thing post today and hoping that I may have something to shout about after my charity shop day tomorrow....fingers crossed

bedroom progress

new tray, a bargain buy from Northlight

sunny kitchen

new arrangements with camping on the mind

mug-bargain tk-maxx, the monkeys are happy

makeshift shelves

sunny fireplace

nice magazine

cute stock cube wrapper

nice chaos (yes I do drink takeout Starbucks at home, what of it)

a Donna Wilson cushion for Mr Betty, lets call it 'his and hers'

opening the doors and letting in the sun

pretty thrifted tin
I hope you have the sun and are getting a chance to enjoy it
I did attempt a short stint in the garden today but unfortunately our neighbour feels the need to saw things all day
thanks for reading x


  1. I love your home Emma! Hope you are feeling better x

  2. That yellow on your fireplace is perfect... I love it and everything else too...feel better soon lovely friend xxxx

  3. again with those

  4. Lovely nice things ... the fireplace is lovely and I love the blue chest of drawers ... gorgeous colour ... glad to hear you are on the mend ... Bee xx

  5. You have a lovely home. I have the 60's blue tin as you infact I picked up 2 when I went home to Shropshire the other week for the bargain price of £2.50 :-) Love your fabrics and colours in your home. Enjoy your week, dee x

  6. Lovely things! :) Happy Thursday! xx Holly

  7. So very many lovely things - love it all - especially the fireplace! What a fabulous happy home you have :) xx

  8. So many gorgeous things here! I love the little peeks into your colourful, fabulous home. And that tray is brilliant, I love it. x