Monday, 6 May 2013

10 things I do that I know I shouldn't

just gonna jot down my thoughts if that is ok
this list was compiled, in my head, after actually doing a few of these things and instantly regretting it
lets see if you are guilty of any of these too

number 1) pluck my eyebrows in between threading, particularly above the brow making it impossible to ever have a 'wow' of an arch
I so wish for a 'wow' of an arch

number 2) rather in the same vein as number 1. cutting my own hair and using unsuitable scissors for the job. I am always at it, what is wrong with me?
I am always hacking away at my fringe, tidying up (yeah right) the sides
I was at it this morn and I only had my hair done last week

number 3) eating s**t between meal times especially things like nuts, crisps, crackers and cheese, cake, biscuits, get the picture
I have just eaten over 100 Californian Honey and Salt Coated Nuts, they are nice!

number 4) watching a programme on TV just because you have been informed it is good or someone is round (read in-laws) that would like to watch said programme.
THE VOICE, it actually gave me a nightmare that lasted all night although I do quite like that boy Danny from The Script

number 5) doing the gardening in clothes that are totally inappropriate
this has only just happened actually. it is a late addition to my list
I was wearing denim cut offs, a vest top and some big furry boots (in case of ankle biters)
I was thinking of being tanned but now I am just scratched
vanity hey

number 6) just bobbing out for food/ingredients for one meal and spending £40 + on what appears to be c**p. I do this all the time whilst desperately avoiding the whole hoohaa of a 'weekly shop'
I can write this down, know that what I do is so wrong, and then bob out shortly and do just that

number 7) use fake tan!!

number 8) fill a sink with hot soapy sudsy water for no apparent reason
I have a dishwasher but I seem to feel the need to do this at least twice a day.
I sometimes use this to wipe down things, usually it just sits there until it is cold and then it all gets drained away. I seem to get through a ridic amount of washing up liquid for a dishwasher owner

number 9) buy fancy shampoo and conditioner
it makes no odds to my hair but I am suckered in by the big promises and the pretty packaging. do you think they are any better than the lower priced stuff? I use the Aussie stuff mostly but every now and then (quite a lot truth be told) I will flounce into the salon and spend £10 plus on a bottle of Wella that promises to banish the grease. It never does.

number 10) think up silly lists ;)


  1. Does it help you to know that I also do ALL of those things? Why oh why oh why?????

  2. Number 8 worries me a little...
    and threading eyebrows ? ? ?
    The rest is normal in my house. EE xx

  3. with you on 3! and Im a big list writer as well - all well and good, but then I lose the lists and have to write more!!


  4. I do lots of the same things too ... in particular 3,6 and 8 ... those Califorian Nuts are addictive and a £1 a bag in Tesco at the moment ... I so hate the big shop I am constantly popping into our local shop and spending a small fortune on a bag of nothing really .... and the sink thing ... what is that about? ... I am forever running out of Fairy ;) ... have a lovely week ... Bee xx

  5. Oh my! I am another sink filler of sudsy water, and go through stupid amounts of washing up liquid. I really thought I must be the only person to do that.

  6. I am also guilty of 2,3 and 9!HeeHee!

  7. Oh dear seems I agree with you on points - 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8!!

  8. Love it!!!! I actually do some of these too mainly 3 5 and 6 all which I am guilty of doing today! Never mind hey x

  9. Fabulous!!! Made me laugh - recognise many of them as things I do myself!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. Hand up to 3, 5 and 6 ... I daren't make a list of my own it would be far to long. Sarah x

  11. Oh no I NEVER do any of those things....she fibbed....

  12. So funny! I do lots of those things. #5 - I always start decorating in inappropriate clothes then change AFTER I've got paint on them, and #6 yes, I do that all the time. And I know it's stupid but I still do it. Hey ho, I'm in good company. x

  13. half the fun of doing these things is knowing you really REALLY shouldn't!
    Thanks for your comment- torties are the best aren't they?
    Just off now to remove those tiny brow stragglers. . .