Monday, 13 May 2013

Brighton mini break - part one

just back from a mini-break, just as the title suggests
oh my goodness, how damn cool is Brighton
Mr Betty and I loved it so much and yeah, we went kiddo free

the big boys were at Wembley to watch City lose
littlest stayed here with his Grandma and Uncle Boggy to be spoilt rotten

I am going to share my trip in 3 parts if that suits
If I did it in one it would be about a metre length post

part one is all about the guest house (perfect)
part two will be about the shopping (perfect)
part three is going to be 'what I bought' (a lot)

so here is the guest house, aka part one
quite possibly the best place to stay, in the world

cake and crabbies on arrival (organised by Mr B)

I am so going to paint my kitchenette orange!

our room for the first night

our room for the second night

I cannot tell you how inspiring, comfortable and friendly it was to stay at this amazing place
Mr betty and I are most defo going to pay Snooze a visit in the future.

A link to SNOOZE

and you must watch this video clip

Thanks for reading x


  1. Welcome to the south, I love Brighton. EE xx

  2. We lived in Brighton for about 6 years, and had really good times. Looking forward to hearing more about your stay x

  3. I'm sold...saving my pennies as I speak for a little trip :) can't wait to see what you got xxxxx

  4. I absolutely love Brighton it's one of my favourite places.... off to check out Snooze ... Sarah x

  5. Oh that place looks amazing! My Uncle lives in Brighton and is always offering to put us up for a visit. I seriously must go! x

  6. Gorgeous! My brother only lives 20miles from Brighton, I need to go down again in the summer!x

  7. How flipping gorgeous is that place. So glad you had a fabulous time. xx

  8. Looks like such a groovy place to stay, we live an hour away from Brighton but I think I might just be able to justify a night here me thinks :o) I got lucky with those flying ducks and found some in a charity shop locally about 18 months ago, I wish mine were on 70's wall paper like that x Penny

  9. Gorgeous! that guest house looks amazing! love the wallpaper, flying ducks, the orange dresser! My first girlie holiday was to Brighton, I loved it so much such a cool place, so inspiring! I defo know where to stay now next time we visit x

  10. What a wonderfully funky hotel... you chose well!!! Jx

  11. Fantastic! I LOVE room number one! :-)

  12. Ok, that place looks AMAZING. And I need an orange kitchenette in my life. x

  13. Gorgeous ... I love the first bedroom ... love the colour ... looking forward to part 2 ... Bee xx

  14. I lived in Brighton for many many years....bought my first flat there all by myself!! met my husband best friend still lives there....and i still love it....we moved because we wanted to bring my son up in more rural pastures....D x

  15. What a cool place! I love Brighton I have romantic daydreams about living there and walking on the beach everyday!!

  16. Oh what a lovely place!! Looks like you had grand weather too not like my "holiday" recently! Mr B is v good organising Crabbies on arrival xx

  17. Hi! Just found your blog :) I looed at this website a while back as i'd seen an article in a sunday paper about it, looks FAB. I went to Brighton last yr for the first time after sooo many people telling me I would love it. I did.:)