Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Brighton mini break - part two

I have been debating whether I should combine my shop post with my purchase post.
After discovering, via my lovely comments, how you either live in Brighton or have lived in Brighton I was slightly concerned that my amateur pics of a few shops might be a tad dull
However, after looking in the huge foxy laundry bag, that I, (read Mr B) lugged back from our mini-break, full of bits and bats, I decided that my purchases can wait for another day.

Therefore, this post is going to be all about the pictures.
I didn't snap all the shops I visited (millions), I just snapped away at things that I liked the look of. I hope you like them too.

Mr Betty was unwilling to sneak out in the dead of the night and steal this most attractive pig. Party pooper!!

laid back bunny

pretty shop

pretty lanes

part of a pop up food market. fresh juice and nice sandwiches

baking supplies and baking classes

open house exhibition, more about that in a min

blue sky

old and new
 As mentioned above and probably the highlight of the trip for me was the 'open house exhibitions' that were part of the festival.
What could be more perfect?
Going into a beautiful Brighton home, the sort of home I dream of, and looking at talented peoples art and craft. I was in heaven.
We picked up a brochure on arrival and selected the open house exhibitions that were of interest to us (read me). I came back utterly inspired and with a head full of ideas.
Just what the doctor ordered!

I am now off to empty my foxy laundry bag and photograph my treasures.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. Brighton looks great keep meaning to have a trip there myself :)

  2. Brilliant beautiful bohemian Brighton I love it. Can't wait to see your treasures. Sarah x

  3. We often pop down to Brighton for a day trip, love the lanes and a quick cuppa by the sea! enjoying your posts :D

  4. Loved this post! I grew up about an hour away from Brighton and often went there as a teenager to hang aroung the North Laine area and buy some beads or something. Now, we wish we lived there, it's just so cool. And it's by the seaside...sigh... x

  5. love the pics! makes me wish I was there in brighton! shame I have to hop on a plane and fly half way round the world to get there!!!!