Thursday, 16 May 2013

Brighton mini break - part three (purchases)

This is defo the bestest bit.
Picture heavy, again. Here are the things I bought, starting off with Tiger
How jealous I am of anyone that lives near one of these shops!!
If an award existed for 'fastest basket filler' I would be a definite contender after my trip around the aforementioned store.
Great thing is, it is really affordable.

perfect patterns

cool tape

great designs

cute kitchen stuff
50p each!!!

As I mentioned on my Brighton part 2 post, I also visited some open house shops.
My favourite one was Peggy Poppletons (her name is cool too)
You have to check out her page, oh my goodness!
I bought a couple of prints including this one by TYPEKING

for me

and another by MIBO who has some brilliant stuff., check out the website.

for the playroom
I also got these.

 my wish list for quite some time

There were a couple of independent shops that stocked Hannah Turners ceramics so I treated myself to something from her bird range. If I were a rich woman I would have bought something large or actually, just the whole lot.

This little bird egg cup is my most favourite purchase.
It will never hold an actual egg, it is far to precious for general use. It is on my fireplace so I can look at it all the time.

I also purchased a few fleamarket finds but I am going save them for my thrifted treasure post.
I think they will be happier there.

I am not usually such a 'Spendy Wendy'
I am actually of a thrifty nature, but I had saved hard for this trip, and I knew I would just HAVE to spend rather more freely than usual.
I hope you like my things.
Are you one of the lucky peeps to live near a Tiger, I won't hold it against you ;)

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Hi, I do happen to live near a Tiger (don't be too jealous now). I like a lot of their stuff and it's all super cheap but I did have "issues" with some of my purchases like a prettily painted dish washing brush where all paint washed off in days. I also bought those heart shaped sponge scourers and they disintegrated after the first use (the scoury bit came away from the spongey bit). I did complain and Tiger told me that there were issues with those products and that was a more than a year ago so I'm sure your sponge scourers will be fine. Ooops sorry didn't mean to sound like a moany old bag. Love all your purchases - the tape and decorative paper are fabulous. The egg cup is truly a joy to behold. xx

  2. That beaker!!! Oh and do I spot origami paper....patterned tape?? Oh i think I'll have to and lie down xxxx

  3. Never heard of Tiger but lovely buys espesh the birdy egg cup. I only live half an hour from Brighton and I agree it is a fabtastic place, I should get down there more often.

  4. Wonderful things you got!! :) Each item is so unique and fun looking! Have a great day! xo Holly

  5. Must check out Tiger,I'm half way between two, sorry to rub it in. You should come down to the southern tropics more often - a house swap and I'll let you raid my 15 charity shops. Liking the elephant mini trunk and the 'E' of course. EE xx

  6. Am looking for a tiger now, but as we aren't that far apart, I bet thereabouts one here!

  7. Definitely the best bit showing all the goodies!

    We live near a Tiger and nearish to a bigger Tiger, I have the heart scourers and I use them for our black board! I also have their bird and butterfly pegs which make hanging out the washing a little more bearable!

  8. Forty miles from a TIGER. I love the shop - its got an Ikea feel to it.

  9. Droooooling over all of your beautiful buys!!!

  10. OOOOOhhhhh just lovely - i've never heard of tiger before and never ventured to Brighton so I may just have to get it on my to do list and try to save some pennies. I just love your bargain spotty dotty cups I really would like some for the caravan. Sooooo Jealous right now : ) x

  11. Fantastic buys.. can see why you couldn't resist them! Jx

  12. Shopping on holiday is brilliant because you get the pleasure twice - once when you walk out of the shop carrying your bag of lovliness, and again when you get home and unpack and remember the happy memories. x

  13. Love all your gorgeous buys ... I have a Tiger 50 miles away ... can I call that near ... oh I think so ... off to cajole the OH into a little trip ... Bee xx

  14. Love the alphabet poster, in fact I may have to buy one x

  15. I work near a Tiger and rarely visit but I like those polka dot cups so much I will make an effort next week to purchase a set.

  16. I do love Brighton! Looks like you had a great time - some fab finds there! So much fun to save your pennies for a special trip :)

  17. I used to live in Brighton and I ♥♥♥ the shops there! I had to move back down to Cornwall once as I kids...I couldn't afford to keep up my shopping habit! :) I love that birdy too! Just fab!