Monday, 20 May 2013

Thrifted Treasure

Not done one of these posts for a while.
Suppose its because I haven't been 'athriftin' much of late, defo need to get back into it.
I did set my alarm for 6.45 on Sunday morning with the car booty in mind but, alas, my bed was just too cozy tosey so I just switched it off and went right back to sleep.
I feel no regret.

Sorry if you have seen a couple of these before ie, if you follow me on IG

vintage shopping basket - most handy for critter carrying

massive 70s breakfast tray

also massive cuckoo clock, love the colours, not sure where to put it

a keep me typewriter

already on display....and it works!
I love her
and I love him
all in all some rather happy things
I wanted to tell you what my fave thing is but I am finding it a bit tricky
At a push I will choose the red shopping basket because it looks good and it is most useful, the perfect combination.
Have you been car booting?
Found anything good, is it still possible to dig out treasure?
Please reassure me!!

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Ooooh lovely Betty. Some great things there, I would have bought them all too. I resisted the car boot as well this week in favour of a warm bed.

  2. I LOVE your typewriter! Where did you find it and how much was it? I have been on the lookout for one for ages and one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg!!

    1. Do you know, I have found so many typewriters over the years.
      I have had a mustard one, a turquoise one and even an orange one!!
      Why did I sell them all?
      I paid a fiver for this one and it has a case and the ribbon is as fresh as a daisy, bit of a bargain.
      Keep your eye out at the charity shops and if I find a nice one I will let you know. xxx

  3. How lovely!! Love the type writer and on the pretty teal/aqua cart!! :) Hope you have a great day! xo Holly

  4. I love your typewriter and the disco lady too! But what I really loved is your doggie on wheels and is that a gee-bee dolls house I spy!? :D

    1. I love my doggie on wheels too. He is fashioning a new scarf as I type :)

  5. Oh, I do love a good old car booty sale! I shared some of my thrifty finds on my blog just a few days ago! I love your treasures...the cuckoo clock is super cute, and that typewriter...sigh...just lovely! Thanks for sharing your loot with us!
    Tania x

  6. Ooh typewriter - not got room for one yet, but when I do....!

    1. Problem is, kids like them too!
      Still get one though xxx

  7. I'm loving the typewriter its lovely I've had my eye on one in my local vintage shop for a while :)

  8. OOOH love the owl bestest....posted my booty finds today too (twit twoo!)xxxx

  9. why don't I ever see anything like that at the carboot! I've had a few carboot treasures that I've blogged about but yours wins hands down!

  10. I had almost given up but, yes - there are still treasures to be had out there!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  11. Gorgeous finds, I picked up a pretty little fairy in the charity shop yesterday. I love the 70's tray I would want a bowl of Smash followed by Angel Delight to eat off it. Sarah x

  12. What fabby finds! And I spy my postcards on your wall :) I keep meaning to get out to car boots - but the lure of my comfy bed is always too strong!