Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Bedroom Snapshots

This post has been a long time coming.
Sad thing is, the boudouir is not even really slow am I (read Mr Betty).
I am awaiting the hanging of shelves and I am still pondering suitable bedroom artwork.
As I mentioned, when first discussing my bedroom make-over, 10 years ago (not that much of an exaggeration, lets be honest), I wanted a calm, almost minimalist room.
At night I suffer with a terribly overactive mind and anything that stimulates my busy head is to be avoided. 
I have decided to bite the bullet and share a few snaps and then when complete I can thrill you with some shelves and maybe a picture or you can hardly contain yourself!
So here is my attempt at calm..

As always, this room was made over on a very tight budget.
I updated the existing furniture using a B&Q emulsion and then added a top coat of Farrow & Ball eggshell gloss to prevent scratches. The original furniture was a black Hemnes chest of drawers from Ikea and the paint has worked really well.
I treated myself to a string of Cable and Cotton lights to make my not very loved bed a little more likeable. They look fantastic at night. I bought the 35 string in Morrocco at £32.95.
The floor was the biggest outlay getting in a professional to sand, fill, and wax but it looks ace and it is so smooth under bare feet.
The fireplace was a Gumtree find at £60 and I painted it using a Hammerite gloss.
I am so in love with yellow this year.
The curtains were purchased at John Lewis for what I think is a good price of £90.
Not my usual thing but I fell in love with the orange pansies.

I would like to add a couple of plants in the near future and of course, the much needed shelves.
And yes, I have been sleeping quite well but I think that could  have something to do with the new memory foam mattress or maybe it is down to the summer time evening beers I have been guzzling.....who knows ;)

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Looking all rather lovely :)

    I am moving soon and can't wait to be able to decorate my new bedroom to suit just me - there's a gorgeous fireplace in there that is in need of a pretty makeover ;)

    1. How exciting Vicki
      Good luck with the move. xxx

  2. I love the hit of yellow. And did I spy Tim The Tiny Horse? Brilliant. Have you read The Queen Mum by Harry Hill? I picked it up in POundland the other day. Very funny.

    Leanne x

  3. It's gorgeous. I like the little shelving unit for your scarves. I'm in love with yellow too - haven't got enough of it in our house. xx

  4. Hi Emma,Lovely so far!!!Love the scarf shelve,suitcases and fairy lights!!!!Have a happy week!!!

  5. Looks very calm to me! Lovely touches of colour around and about, and I love your various storage solutions.

  6. But those shoes - love them! Great colours again - I keep seeing those Cable and Cotton lights and going on the website to try different colour combinations - changes every time! Jane x

  7. Great groovy lampshade and curtains. LOVE the shoes.

  8. I have a fire place like that on my bedroom, except it's black :)

  9. Great looking room. I've been searching the internet for inspiration for my bedroom. Im going to buy massage sheets in either black or red and have kind of a Moroccan theme.

  10. You have done a fabulous job of it.

  11. Oh I love the curtains ... so pretty ... it is a very lovely bedroom ... Bee xx

  12. Looks like you've done a fab job. I love the fire place looks great in that bold colour :)

  13. Gorgeous, love the colour of the fire place. Have been looking for lights like those for ages!
    Nelly x

  14. I think your room is very hip. love it!

  15. So many gorgeous details. The chest of drawers is transformed with the f&b paint, and i LOVE the yellow fireplace, it's a thing of beauty! x