Sunday, 16 June 2013

More Nice Things

Yes, this is the second, in a mini-run of 'nice things' posts.
This can never be a bad thing, nice things are what makes life....well nice.

Being of a thrifty nature, please understand, that all my recent purchases/additions have been purchased for a very special price.
Today saw myself and the lovely Ms Beth Taylor visiting this Lovely Ladies
Vintage Sale.
I was very happy with my purchases, but on our way home, I was forced (in rather a harsh manner) to stop for yet more thrifty shopping, and guess what, I bought a little bit more.

So here are my treasures.

vintage doll heads, I have plans!!

eventually succumbed to the charity shop mug that fits in nicely with my current red and blue theme

more doll of them is maybe slightly unnerving

great melamine storage box, doll head storage maybe?

vintage school cupboard with empty shelves...I love empty shelves :)
only £20

a printers tray (for me this time) and possibly awaiting a few of  these

vanity case with the most lovely, orange, satin interior

rather nice plastic pots, made in Germany

more heads....
rather a fantastic chair and only £5
my fave purchase

I also bought a most flabby wall shelf with 4 hooks.
This will be positioned, professionally, by Mr Betty when he has a few minutes to think (his words).
I am going lightly on him today, well, it is Fathers Day.

Thanks for reading and watch out for my shop update. 
If nothing goes wrong, like a spate of CBA, it should be done by the end of the week. x


  1. All those heads are intruging...I can see some'body' is going to be busy. Eco Ethel xx

    1. Thanks EE
      Any ideas welcome (my plans are vague)

  2. Some good buys there but not sure about all those dolls heads, bit spooky really!! Can't wait to see what you will do with them.

    1. Think they will come into their own around Christmas time...if I can still find them by then. x

  3. Those heads are just a teeny bit scary ;)

    Hope Mr B is having a good fathers day!


  4. That desk is perfect...and the chair...I am off to email you about doll heads !!!!

  5. That vanity case is gorgeous. I love the dolly heads cant wait to see what your plans are x

  6. yikes....thrifter of the year award for you.....what a fabulous hoard and those dolly heads.....oh yes right up my squirelly street!!love them and cant wait to see what you do with them!Great shopping!x

  7. Love the new chair ... and I adore your yellow desk ... can't wait to see the head transformations ... Bee

  8. You always find such great stuff! My local charity shops never seem to offer up such treasures, but then it's my own fault for not popping in often enough...

    The chair and printer's tray are especially cool but I have to say that dolls head is creepy! x

  9. Dear OB I like that green light rather muchly and the newly thrifted orange pots are rather up my street too......byeeeee
    d x

  10. omg those heads freak me out! I couldn't have them in my house!!

  11. I love the red and blue cups!
    The heads..... not SO much. They're a bit creepy. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with them, though. Be sure to show us...... :-)