Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nice things

Just back from the most idyllic mini-break...ever.
The perfect weather, and the most lovely family time, which can be rather hard to achieve with our age gap kiddos.
I am just sharing a few piccies of the holiday and maybe a couple of other nice things along the way.
I was involved in a Craft Mafia bring, buy and swap sale which was rather lovely (see my swaps below).
I also visited the most wonderful Vintage Village today and bought a few lovely bits there, also see below ;)

Bill enjoying my little teawagon blankie

my boys

gumtree find ercol chairs-to be sanded and re-upholstered

den building

kiddo's (yes eldest has got some mesh on his head, best not to ask).

swappsies from the Craft Mafia bring & buy sale

diana camera, free gift with my Crafty Mag subscription

frisby action

my miniatures in Mollie Makes
new short hair do and a vintage headband bought from Show us your Threads at Vintage Village

my Vintage Village stash, there was more cake but it has been me

bring & buy sale apron
new arrangements (lots of that around here at the mo)

quite probably the best tin EVER, bought from a lovely new friend at VV
ignore the random cat kibble??

a 'cheer me up' present from Mrs Teawagon that has indeed cheered me up

this little tough guy
Cut a story, and the reason things have been a bit quiet round here, other than our mini-break,
Littlest had his tonsils and adenoids out last week and it has all been rather traumatic (possibly for us more than him).
After rather a bad reaction to the anaesthetic  he is now recuperating and doing really well.
I am extra proud because not once, even when he was in a real mess, did he complain.
I however have had a mini breakdown and Mr Betty has been an emotional wreck....good job Littlest is such a trooper!!
If you have to go through this sort of thing on a regular basis I have the utmost respect for you I really do.

There will be a shop update in the next few days which will include the addition of my pocket money pets and my new critter cushion.

tis a pug cushion!
Thanks for reading x


  1. Well, that really does look like a lovely, lovely break! What super photos! :-)
    Sorry to hear that your Little hasn't been well. Figers crossed for a speedy recovery now.....

  2. Yikes sounds like you've been busy in an up-and-downy way, glad to hear that littlest is on the mend and that you've found so many lovely things! I have a big cake tin like yours from VV, so gorgeous. And your hair - super stylish lady! xx

  3. Sounds awful! hope you're wee man's on the mend. Love the new short doo! and all your finds, can't wait to see how you revamp the chair. The craft mafia event looks brilliant!

  4. Oh and of course massive congratulations on having your work in Mollie Makes! xx

  5. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time away together. I'm sorry to hear that things have been difficult. It sounds as if you've been on a real 'roller coaster'. Jx

  6. Well done to your youngest for being such a trooper! great swaps and vintage finds too x

  7. What a lovely collection of "stuff"! Hope your little man feels better soon x

  8. ooo love the hair band! and I really want a typewriter, I had one as a teenager and so sad I got rid of it :(