Monday, 1 July 2013

Cushions, a winner and a competition piece


Yet another beautiful day, so enjoying sunny times.
Today I have drawn a winner of my cushion giveaway comp.
It does seem to be all about the cushions at the mo. I have been making them for my new/old Ercol suite.

these are not actually made by me but you get the idea

I have been making critter cushions for Beech Road Festival, Chorlton, which is to be held this coming Sunday. I have even made one for a Terrys Fabric competition, has anyone else been involved in this ?

First, if I may, I would like to show you the cushion design that I made for the aforementioned comp.
As an entrant I was asked to choose 2 pieces of fabric from their range, I chose a nice graphic print for the front and a coordinating stripey for the back. 
 My fabric choice arrived the very next day along with a 50cm x 50cm cushion lovely, just my kind of thing!!

I have called my cushion Flo as it is modelled on my mums kitty, full name Flora Davies.
I have stuck to my tried and tested felt on fabric method because well,  that is how I roll.


I really enjoyed making something a bit different and it will be a lovely gift for my Mum.
What do you think? In with a chance?

So, enough about me, let me announce the winner of my comp.
This has been drawn by Littlest using a bowl and arrow technique (not a spelling mistake).

I think of her as Jammy Pudding, hope she doesn't mind. Well done Ali!
Let me know which cushion you would like and I will pop it in the post to you as soon as time permits.

Thanks for reading. x


  1. Flo is fab, your mum will love it and of course you are in with a chance.

  2. Go Oooh Betty ... Flo is fabulous ... Bee xx

  3. I LOVE that chair, with all those wonderfully-coloured cushions on it! And I love Flo! :-)