Monday, 23 September 2013

Things that are making me smile

If I ever needed things to make me smile then it is today.
I have had that funny feeling that a bug is on its way, fuzzy head, aching bones...well on Saturday eve it totally arrived, runny nose that was actually running onto my lovely pillow case (sorry but honesty is the best policy). Sore teeth, earache, a throat that feels like a kangaroos jock strap, you get the picture.
I actually look ill, proper ugly!
Anyhows, I always like to force a smile and her are the things that are helping me down that path and onto the road to recovery.

This magazine is immense.
I have read it, page to page,and it is just beautiful.
I want to have adventures like the people in the stories.
Mr Betty and I have both been totally inspired.
If you can get it, do,

These little shoppers are ace.
Only £1.50 from Primark, it was to be merely an emergency receptacle but I am finding myself using it rather a lot.
E is for Emma by the way for that is my name.

Loving the fact that when Littlest suffers the overwhelming disappointment of  finding a girly mini figure within those little foil packets, he gifts them to me and my printers tray.
Just the fact that I am so happy to add to my collection seems to make the disappointment ebb away.....almost.

I am a cushion addict, there are no excuses. I can't even sit in most of the seating in my house at the moment for the bum area is so crammed with cushion loveliness.
It is not something I am going to seek professional help for as I don't actually care,

God I love these compact Japanese books.
I am building up quite a collection.
My plan was this. I decided I would cut back on my magazine frenzy and instead treat myself to one of these each month. I have stuck to 50% of my plan.
This one is Stockholm family style. I love the family style books the mostest and I have found much inspiration in this edition for my next interior challenge, Littlests bedroom.
Watch this space!

Thanks for reading, please wish my bug away for me. I hate being bedridden.
Mr Betty has gone to get me some treats.  X

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  1. hope your feeling better soon. I am also gifted with any doubles that may be found in those little foil packets.

    1. I love mini figs, I am desperate for the ginger bread man!
      I bet you have him!! x

  2. ~ Sending big hugs and hoping you are fighing fit before to long....Mr daughter reads your Lion Heart Mag and has the biggest dreams and desires to work for them one of these old days...~ Well dreaming in your sleep is just for lazy folks so I am told...Happy new week Mrs Betty....Hugs Maria x

    1. I love that 'dreaming in your sleep is for lazy folks' true.
      I need to follow my dreams a bit more x

  3. oh my, what is that magazine?! I think I may have to google it!!

    1. it is called Lionheart and it is really worth buying. Only been around for 6 issues and costs £5.
      it is all about being brave and lifes adventures from childbirth to travelling. x

  4. I have that throat ear headache thing - not enough to be seeking any sympathy but enough to make me feel (and look) ruuuffff!
    See you Friday - bit gutted our mutual friend can't make it :(
    fee xx

  5. I hope that you're soon feeling properly better. Jx

  6. Oh poor you! I had an awful sore throat at the end of last week but a good nights sleep seemed to sort it. Loving all your printers tray collection bits and bobs, I have been paying mine a wee bit of attention this past weekend. Hope you are soon 100% again xox Penny

  7. Hope you feel better soon. The printers tray is fab, I used to have one which was home to Wade whimsies!

  8. Oh poor you ... sending you mahoosive get well wishes ... my boys give their girly lego to their little sis ... although she has just recently copped on to Lego Friends ... all pink and girly ... this could get expensive ;) ... also love Lionheart ... can I be cheeky and ask where you buy your Japanese books ... Bee X

    1. Hi Bee
      I order my books direct from Paumes in Japan. They are brilliant, only £14 and deliver really quickly.
      I love Lego friends too btw xxx

    2. Thanks lovely ... off to take a peep ... xxx

    3. Thanks lovely ... off to take a peep ... xxx

    4. Thanks lovely ... off to take a peep ... xxx

  9. Oh my, it's a Lego friends paradise here, with more arriving for birthdays and Christmas. Girlies hoping for a gingerbread man or the exclusive Mr Gold figure! Costing me a fortune in treats! Magazine cover is delightful. Don't you be making me buy more!!! X

  10. Aw Emma, hope you're feeling better soon! I understand about cushions .... And magazines ... I have serious addictions to both

    Honey, lemon and ginger ... The answer lies within!

    Love Claire xxx

  11. Dear Oooh Betty - sorry to hear of kangeroo jock strap but delighted with your cushions
    Best wishes