Monday, 30 September 2013

I love this house part 5

5 years ago, and just when our family seemed to be getting too big for our little house, my mum suggested that we both sell our little houses and pool our cash
to us this was the biggest gift ever
each of our 3 boys would have their own bedroom
I would live in a home that we would have never normally been able to afford and of course, I would be back living with Mother Betty

I am a big advocate of children benefiting from an extended family
I feel that my boys gain so much from having their Grandma right next door
we also have that wonderful blessing of nipping out, just the two of us, whenever mum is around and my mum has the benefit of no bills to worry over, a man in the form of Mr Betty to undertake any man jobs and the fact that family get togethers are rather easy in the planning

by way of celebrating this living together milestone I thought it would be rather chirpy to feature my mums annexe as part of my 'I love this house' post
I of course love this house and I can often be found in there enjoying a good old mother and daughter gossip
although mother and I have very different styles, we are also rather alike when it comes to constant changing. Mother actually furniture shifts more often than I do and that really is some what of a full time job!!

so, if you just go through the door from our playroom

whiz on past the piles of laundry in our laundry room
you will find yourself at my mums

the view from the mezzanine bedroom
mums decking and patio
the bathroom in the eaves
a seat in the window
mum loves a plate or two!
perfectly compact kitchen
so what do you think?
I know that she loves it

I know of people that would like their mother to be living with them, or at least a bit closer. I know people that already have a granny annexe of some sort
I am sure that there will be people that have their fathers living with them too
it very much works for us and the support is invaluable

happy 5 years mum
thanks for reading x


  1. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us, your home is lovely and so is your Mum's ...

    Love Claire xxx

  2. How marvelous for both of you. She lives right next door, but has her own space. Perfect :-))

  3. I love your mums pad and you are both so very lucky x x x

  4. Sounds perfect...I don't think I could lure my Mum back from Sunny Florida though!
    bestest daisy x

  5. Awww, this is so lovely! I grew up living with my Grandma and Grandad as well as my Mum, and I definitely wouldn't have had it any other way. xo

  6. I grew up with my paternal grandpa then later my maternal grandma and I loved it! I would love to have cared for my mum when she developed Alzheimer's but unfortunately it came at the same time of my own illness. I think there are huge benefits both socially and financially to this lifestyle and I'm so glad it's working out for you! :) x

  7. Its lovely Emma. I think I would enjoy living there too. So nice to be close to your mum and great for the kids too.

  8. how lovely! it's great you could do that for your mum, but I can see the benefits for you too!

  9. What a lovely way to live alongside each other. I think the large window and decking really make your Mum's annex very special. Jx

  10. How your mum's taste? She looks like a real funky mama! How lovely that she lives right by you and that u can support each other x

  11. What a fantastic idea and what a lovely pad - I'm not surprised you all love it!