Wednesday, 2 October 2013

New Shop!

so, this is what has happened...
after much deliberation, I have decided to be a brave teddy, and open a Big Cartel shop
Etsy has never really worked for me, I think that the stuff that I sell gets lost among its huge expanse of shelves, shelves that reach all around the world, lets be honest
I am going to keep a few things in my Etsy shop but I really feel the need to move along a little

I have just struggled, for approximately and hour to add my domain name to the Big Cartel shop, I will only know for sure that this has worked in 24-48 hours (or so the big gigs at 123-reg tell me)
maybe tomorrow I will be able to type in and I will be magically transported to my brand new shop
please pray for this to happen, I need all the help I can get!!

not too sure how it will all work out?
will the 'cushion needing public' find my new shop?

lets not worry hey

here are the new cushions I have made and these are the pics I have used on Big Cartel
 your feedback would be muchly helpful

obvs, I will be adding my badger cushions and fox cushions before the week is out, they are so nearly made, just the boring bit to do
I have made them using some rather nice autumnal woollen fabrics that are just perfect for cozying up ones sofa
I am also planning on creating new design critters and characters
these are still a work in progress but they will replicate the characters on all my cushions

lastly, as I do feel like I am wittering rather, I am going to be selling vintage homewares in the shop
only things that I really love and would really like to keep myself ;-)

watch this space and watch out for the new link that will hopefully (god willing), transport us magically to the new Oooh Betty premises...PLEASE WORK

thanks for reading. x


  1. What an exciting development! I hope it works out well for you - keep us posted! I LOVE the cushions - they're FAB!!! :-)

  2. I have never heard of Big Cartel so I had to Google it and it seems like your fabric art pillow will be a big hit. Good Luck.

  3. Sounds great! Well done Emma x

  4. Your images of the cushions on that fab chair are spot on!!
    particularly liking the origami cranes...they are very lucky too or so i have heard!!
    bestest luck with your new venture
    daisy x

  5. How exciting to have a new shop!! Good luck, and I just love your little animals in the box....those are so cute! :) I've never heard of that shop, I'll have to go take a peak around! :) xx Holly

  6. Brilliant cushions, am sure they'll sell like hot cakes! Just off to Google Big Cartel now ...

    Love Claire xxx

  7. Well cushtie, love the colourful girlie ones best but then I am a girlie. We're going to give Etsy a go soon but now I'm worried about dusting that big shelf! Happy trading from Eco Ethel xx

  8. Your cushions are cool! Good luck with the new shop!

  9. How gorgeous are your cushions and big congrats on your new shop xox Penny

  10. Love the cushions ... they are great ... good luck with the new shop ... Bee xx

  11. The cushions look gorgeous- good luck with your new shop!! X

  12. That's brilliant. I hope your shop works out well. Etsy is a funny thing, it works for some and not for others. Your cushions are fab! xo

  13. I've only just heard about big cartel and was thinking of having a shop there! Your photos are lovely :)