Friday 4 October 2013

'The School Run'

 on 3rd March 2014, Mr Betty and 5 of his friends are setting off to The Gambia, West Africa
they will be driving three vintage Land Rover ambulances loaded with school supplies, medical equipment and mosquito nets

you can read all about it here
it is all for nursery school children as the nursery schools are not funded by the government
the charity that "the SchoolRun' is working alongside fund the nursery school teachers wages
this enables the young children to get the best start in life

the raising of funds is all under way, Mr Betty has bought one of the Land Rovers as our donation to the cause

the Land Rover ambulances will enable the village in question to negotiate the ungraded roads in the area and will be used for hospital visits, school runs and other  essential journeys

so, with this in mind, I am asking for your crafty help

my concern is this
the kiddos will be getting much needed school stuff that will be invaluable 
they will also be receiving brand new footballs, all children need a football, but what about treats??
I want each of them to have a special treat 

do you reckon you could help us?
could you send a SMALL handmade gift that would suit a child?

I am thinking of sending a few of my critters over and also mini sewing kits
I am thinking that you lot create the most perfectly perfect treats too

if you fancy it then just pop the treat in a little envelope and send it to me 
6, Cunningham Drive
Moss Nook,
M22 5LT

I will, of course, document everything received, and Mr Betty will
share all the progress over on his The School Run page


  1. What a brilliant thing to be involved in Emma...and what a star Mr Betty is! I'd love to help, I'll get something made and posted to you after Christmas...thanks for giving us plenty of notice! xx

  2. What a great idea - more than happy to contribute something, and could share it over on my blog as well as a news piece on MM if you like? x

    1. Thanks Helen.
      Any help, blog, MM we would be over the moon.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes!! Are you thinking little teawagon owls...I am xxx

  4. Count me in. What a fabulous idea. Jx

  5. I just saw this on Linda's blog, I will definitely make something and send it over for the kiddos. It's a lovely thing Mr Betty is doing x

  6. That's a lovely thing to do, I'll send something when it's made and will put something on my blog, good luck.

  7. Whipped up a crochet kitty yesterday that is child safe. It will go out Monday. This is such a wonderful thing you are doing. Anything for children or animals and i am in!
    Good luck and safe travels