Monday, 14 October 2013

Vintage Village treasures of the most special kind

What a day I had yesterday.
 I had lie in including coffee in bed (delivered by Mr Betty), I had dinner out with the men in my life, and I even enjoyed coffee and cake with a special lady. 
BUT, and this is not saying that all the above were not extremely special, the time I had at Vintage Village held at Stockport's victorian market hall was beyond brill.
Oh my goodness did I spend some pennies on some special treasures.
I think this must be my best haul yet.

that'll be 1 pence please sir

Crystal Waterfall is desperate to move in to her new nest
she has been after a house with shutters for quite some time

the decor is right up her (and my) street
music is essential, Perry Como is on as I type

the phone is already installed, she does like to chat on the phone ALOT

the furniture, oh the preloved furniture for Crystal

she has some kiddos, not sure she will make such a good mother ;-0

another Staffordshire jar to add to my collection
Are you well jel ?
I bought the doll house, the furniture, the cash register and the Little Betty from Waynes 'All Our Yesterdays' stall. He had been lucky enough to purchase stock from a toy shop that had closed down in the 70's. All its most wonderful, pristine stock, had been preserved in the stockroom for all those years.
I already knew that the house would be for sale on Sunday, I was so determined not to buy it. Obviously my resolve soon flew out of the door when I saw it in real life.
It is absolutely perfect.
It is a Danish house made by Danse and apparently was the cheaper alternative to the Lundby.
I can kind of see that it is a budget model, no staircase, no window frames etc but I just love the decor.

I had wanted a toy sewing machine for quite a while....don't we all.
When I saw that there was a Little Betty it just had to be mine. It is perfect, it is a lovely blue and it's original box is almost as pretty as the actual machine.

I can't wait to furnish my new house with all my fave furniture and the new bits I bought yesterday. It is going to look fab. I will share it later in the week.

I have a few blog posts lined up for this week. I have a 'Smile Post' that includes new equipment and some very exciting news.
I also want to do a post on miniatures that will include my doll house....furnished and the Lundby house I recently renovated for my friend Ms Beth.

Thanks for reading and don't be too jel ;-) x


  1. Try to remember what pants you had on yesterday because they were your lucky pants! xx

  2. The Little Betty sewing machine is amazing, so pretty. A pretty Betty! Wish I lived closer so I could have gone there too, although it would have made me bankrupt! x

  3. Very jel indeed! What a treasure trove of lovelies ... Isn't it just brilliant when you come across things like this, it sets you up for the week ahead!

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Yes I am! I can remember those cash tills and longed to have one. When I think of other things I had though as a child and no longer have them I could kick myself.

  5. YES! Of course I'm jealous - very!!! What fab finds! You did really well there. :-)

  6. I'm jel of your jar and the fab Little Betty. Was reading an old copy of Red last night in bed and came across the article about you.

  7. A day of pleasure to remember, darlin! See you tomorrow xxxx

  8. Totally jel! Can't wait to see what you do with your new house!

  9. Oh my days, that house and new old stock too! I love carolines house furniture, so sweet. Loving your other goodies too! xx