Saturday, 19 October 2013

another smile post!

sorry about this being yet another smile post, thing is, these are my fave posts
I enjoy sharing a few things that have happened, been added etc
I hope they make you smile too

my spare time has been spent playing with my new doll house
it is something I don't think I am going to grow out of ;-)
I have put all my favourite pieces of furniture in and even filmed my very first mini movie for IG, doll house related of course

the house makes it pretty easy..the wallpaper is just perfect
however the downstairs might need a little tinkering

I have already started to think about Christmas, it is hard not to when the shops are full of such tempting delights
this little mushroom is from Wilkos, it was a hangy thingy but I like it like this
I am, as always, on the look out for vintage decorations too

I just had to mention, with this being a smile post, that my Littlest is just so in to his toys
It amazes me that he keeps going back to old toys and making new games
I also love how a pig can be part of some creation that also involves a giraffe, imagination is a wonderful thing

not mentioned in my Vintage Village treasure post, bit by accident, is this gift I picked up for Mr Betty
Mr Betty loves collecting vintage cars (life size and miniature)
I just couldn't resist this one, I love it's orangeness (oi spellcheck, that is so a real word)

I have already started picking bits up for my stall at next months Vintage Village
I am also going to have a good sort out of my collections, making way for new things at 
Christmas, maybe
I like this Pyrosil measuring jug, rather handy...I will probably keep it

ever growing collection of Washi tapes

lastly, and definitely most importantly, is this pretty letter E
I only get pooh post. bills, letters about grey hair etc
when something ace comes it just makes my day
thank you Linda, thank you for thinking about me when you found the letter E

thanks for reading x


  1. Well it made me smile! Lots of lovely things in this post X

  2. Who doesn't love happy smiley things ... enjoy your weekend ... Bee xx