Monday, 21 October 2013

The School Run update

just a quick update on 'The School Run' appeal
you may remember this post
I was asking....I still am asking, for handcrafted toys for nursery children in The Gambia

today was most exciting as the first bundle arrived, all the way from Belfast
 I am more than a bit tempted to keep them, but I won't

I love this yellow one the mostest!

Linda of Hey Homewrecker has sent Mr Betty and I, 6 of these loveable critters
how perfect are they!?!
Mr Betty has shared the news over on The School Run Facebook page
and Crafty Mag have very kindly showed their support by blogging about us,
you can find the article here

so please, please support this great charity
I will be without Mr Betty for over a month whilst he makes the journey so I will be a virtual charity case myself ;-)

little makes are just perfect
I will wrap each one up before it leaves on its travels
Myself and the Mr will mention everyone,
 and every gift that we receive

my address is 6, Cunningham Drive, Moss Nook, M225LT
if you would like me to send you a self addressed envelope, just ask!

thank you xxx


  1. What a great idea. Will definitely make something...

    1. Thank you so much.
      Just been over to your blog and your knits are amazing! Xxx

  2. Pretty cool to think this little guy will be loved by someone in Gambia :)

  3. I'm in too but might take me a while to get to it :) ... Bee xx

  4. Would it be ok to mention it on my next Studio newsletter, I'm sure some of my lovely customers would like to help