Monday, 4 November 2013

he is a man

Scary times.
My eldest son turns 18 today.
I am not what one would describe as 'a gusher' but I just have to say a few things on this monumental day.
These are the things that stand out about my eldest boy.

Jack has been a dream child and I don't say that lightly.
Yes, he is a bit cheeky, mostly silly, but we seem to have completely bypassed any horrible teenager years.
He was my only baby that could be plonked in his cot at 7 and left to doze off.
He carried a football under each arm from the moment he could walk. he walked at 10 months.

Jack still has the same friends that he has had since being a toddler even though they went their seperate ways for secondary school. He is a very loyal friend.

Jack has been dating Plum for over 2 years now. They had been good friends since very young and they are one of the best couples I know....

Jack is studying for his A-Levels at the moment, I am very proud.
He also has a part time job and never asks me for any money (thank goodness as I rarely have any)
Jack was once signed for MUFC, he is a life long Manchester City fan so it was difficult for him.
He was and is an amazing footballer.

Jack used to wear his hair very long. He has thick, thick curls.
When he decided to go short the hairdresser got through 3 combs during the procedure.

If it wasn't for Jacks help with his youngest brother, Mr Betty and I would have found life very hard.
Mikey has been a very bad sleeper due to health problems and Jack has settled him, slept with him and helped him in the night on numerous occasions enabling us to get many good nights of sleep.

Jack makes us all laugh every day, His sense of humour is beyond stupid but he is the funniest person I know and I know for a fact that Mr Betty feels exactly the same.
He can have his little brother in tears of laughter. This happens a lot.

Jack reminds me of my Dad.

He is obsessed with fashion and is always perfectly turned out.
He likes to wear his polo shirt buttoned to the neck.
He is fastidious about cleanliness. He showers often and they last a ridiculous amount of time.

Jack loves music. Most of his nights out are to gigs. He loves the same music as I did as a teenager.
He loves Manchester.
Although he is well travelled he has already decided that Manchester is the place for him.
He gets on the train 'to town' often.

Jack has had a MCFC season ticket for 12 years and has rarely missed a match...home or away.

the pyjama top that he called his 'little jacket'

Jack is not too sure what he wants to do in the future but I know for a fact, whatever he does, he will do well and be very happy.

Tonight is going to be family affair.
Takeout (Chinese, his favourite)
Mum has baked his fave Choc Fudge cake.
Later we will be taking him to the pub where we will meet up with his Dad.
His Dad will be buying him his first pint.

There is lots more I could say. 
Happy Birthday Jack!! 


  1. Happy birthday to your son! I hope he has a wonderful day! Reading all that, I can see why you're such a proud mum!!! :-)

  2. What a moving post. Hope he has a great day.

  3. And Jack sounds like a grand lad! Happy birthday x Jane

  4. happy birthday #1 son x x loved reading this post it made me all warm and fuzzy x x

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your son.

  6. Happy birthday Jack! what a lovely post! plus, read your article in Reloved, and it was very well written! have a good evening, Heather x

  7. Happy Birthday Jack! You must be very proud Emma, Jack sounds like a lovely lad xx

  8. What a lovely son you have ... perfect words to celebrate this special birthday ... Bee xx

  9. Aw, Happy Birthday Jack, a son to be proud of! What a lovely tribute

    Love Claire xxx