Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Maurice - Pop Up Shop

The last few days have been just a little hectic.
I have had a trip to Harrrogate, a Secret Tea Party, A Lo-Fi Christmas Party, a trip to the Manchester Christmas Markets but more than anything I have been working with Maurice, out on the drive.

Maurice has been a bit redundant since the weather turned chilly.
I was finding it hard to look at him through the window…all neglected and lonesome.
but then an idea sprang to mind, a most brill idea.
Could Maurice become a little mobile shop for an upcoming special event?
Could that event be the Vintage Village Christmas Market weekend spectacular?

After a chat and a coffee with Mrs Vintage Village maurice and I were in. 
I have not been so excited about anything in quite a while!

Maurice would get a new special Christmas coat
Maurice would spill vintage treasure from his door, suitcases, mirrors, toys….
Inside he would become a sleek, retro inspired gift shop.
He would sell the best PRINTS
His little sliding doors would be slid right back to reveal pretty pottery and retro plastics.

Now let me tell you something in a bossy fashion if I may (I'm going to anyway).
I have kept a lot of treasure in my secret treasure chest, out of sight of my camera.
The pictures you see above are a mere taster of what is to come, mere snippets of how Maurice will look on the day.
I will be at Vintage Village, with Maurice on Friday, Saturday and of course, the biggie, Sunday
You absolutely must come and visit us.
It is not to be missed!!

Come and say hi, there will be a spare seat in Maurice if you need to rest those weary shopping feet.
Thanks for reading. x


  1. Oh Maurice, I wish I could tempt you to pop down south...xx

  2. Yes I'm with you Ethel pop down south... Cx

  3. I think I can come on Sunday - save some goodies for me please x

  4. You should contact Channel 4 and get some free advertising in their next small spaces series. Jx

  5. so exciting! its my dream to have a vintage caravan to sell treasure from x

  6. it's like maurice has come alive again! He's going to look so good!

  7. How lovely - my dream was always to have a campervan and take round festivals selling day...
    Best wishes

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