Monday, 16 December 2013

Maurice pops up!

Last weekend was the Vintage Village Christmas fair and Maurice's debut as a pop-up shop.
It was all very exciting and a little bit stressful.
Would Maurice handle the journey ok?
Would people come and visit our new pop-ip shop?
Would Maurice be a good pop-up shop?

I needn't have worried. He made the journey without even a wobble and he looked like a proper little shop, better than I dreamed he would be.
We had so many visitors that people were waiting to pop in at times, just fantastic.

I set him up as planned. He looked a little bit like a junk shop from the outside but on the inside he was a very could say sleek...a real shop.
I was so proud.

We sold lots of goodies to people looking for perfect Christmas presents. I sat very happily in the corner, sipping mulled wine (thanks B) and had lots of lovely chats with our visitors.

It really was the most magical day, something I want to repeat in the future.

Thank you if you came to visit us and support us, it meant so much.
The days went by so quickly and I felt a real loss on the Monday that it was all over.
I am now completely and utterly in the Christmas mood. Glad to be able to chill out and be at home more.
Maurice is parked up, right where I can see him. I love him more than I did before.
I hope to share more adventures that we have together, who knows where the roads will take us.
Thanks for reading. X

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Location:Vintage Village, Stockport


  1. Utter perfection! Maurice makes a wonderful pop up shop. Did many people want to buy him too? x

  2. Maurice has found his calling! your pop up shop looks brill! x

  3. Ooooh Maurice - looks fab x Jane

  4. I think Maurice should go in to retirement. Mr Betty ;) x

  5. All so very cute!!! :) Happy Holidays!! xo Holly

  6. It was ace, and so were you and Maurice - I still have hair envy though! X

  7. Hi Emma, Perfect!!! Maurice certainly looked very bright, happy and festive!!! Have a great day!!!

  8. So brilliant ... it all seems to have been perfect ... wish I could have popped in ... Bee xx

  9. Shame you are so far away I would have loved a chance to pop inside Maurice and see your goodies! Cx

  10. Maurice looks amazing and so does his contents! So glad it went well. Can we persuade you and Maurice to come down South at any point? :) xxx