Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas at the Oooh Betty Ranch

Are you ready for next week ?… I ?

Lots of wrapping has been done, the decks are still in progress.
I have bought strange bottles of alcohol that will never be drunk.

vintage candle holders a £1 thrift

my beloved Little Teawagon print

aforementioned strange alcohol
there is always a Land Rover feature

a moose with earrings…naturally

a tree, just for my vintage bauble collection


my have vintage decoration

my fave corner

where I will be a potato for the next few days

the playroom tree, decorated by Littlest
 Thanks for reading and have a most beautiful Christmas xxx


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! I love the little Noel candle holders.

    You know you can always send the Prosecco and rum my way if you don't want it :)

    Catherine, xo.

  2. So so very efficient....still need a few more hours in my day...but only because I am the laziest wrapper ever....will prob do it christmas eve at midnight...noooo....
    bestest to you and yours Emma..
    Daisy j xxxx

  3. So festive, you are a little elf!! I bought 4 little thrifted candle holders the other day too :)) my moosey has no earrings...but says hi anyway xxx

  4. ooo I neeed a snowy Land rover ornament like yours!!