Thursday, 2 January 2014

didn't she do well!

hope you all had an ace Christmas and an even acer New Year
now it is time to come back down to earth and get back to norm (norm is short for normal…I don't have a new boyfriend called Norm)
I might just wait for Monday to be honest

I thought I would take a few mins to do a quick post and share some of my Christmas gifts with you

the softest leather satchel

quite possibly the nicest owl…in the world

a new big girls sewing machine

stylish stationary

just a bit of my new Orla collection

some pretty vintage pottery

a little dog, a friend for my elephant

a pretty tin

inspiration in a book

happy yellow stocking fillers
yes, I have been very lucky indeed
I hope you got some lovely treats too
I will be back soon with my New Years resolutions
I don't normally bother but this year is to be different!

thanks for reading x


  1. Ooh, didn't you do well! Gorgeous presents, the satchel is very lovely indeed ...

    Have a fabulous New Year my dear

    Love Claire xx

  2. ...hey hey liking the Alain gree book! well done to you!

    best 2014 to you...


  3. Love all the bright colours... perfect for mid-winter. Happy New Year. Jx

  4. Lovely happy presents ... you did do well indeedy ... wishing you a Happy New Year ... Bee xx

  5. I think I need to leave this page open for my nearest and dearest - well done x Jane

  6. Oooh so much gorgeousness! Can't decide what would be my favourite, it's all so lovely. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas, and Happy New Year! xx

  7. Lovely things - looking forward to seeing what your sewing machine produces :) Especially love your owl! Happy 2014!

  8. Love all your gifts!!! And lve your blog which I have just discovered!!!