Friday, 3 January 2014


this is something I don't normally bother with
I know from chats with folk that do go in for the whole NYR thing that they rarely last past January
I am going to set myself just a few resolutions and see how I go

number one resolution 

now this pic will have you thinking that I am announcing some sort of weight loss programme but this is not true 
I am merely aiming for a healthy start to the day
if I even think about full time healthy eating I have to eat a Mars Bar to stop the dizziness
at present I am a bit of a skip breakfast sort of a gal
then, I will often find myself grabbing a muffin or a croissant on the go. I am convinced this is why I often feel sluggish and have to have a nap during Peter Andres 60 minute makeover
I am also adding in a vitamin regime to this, Iron, C, and some others that I haven't got a clue about.

number two resolution

this is my new Filofax that I purchased, for myself, before Christmas
it is orange
I have never used a diary before, I have always relied on my brain which could never be described as reliable truth be told
I have missed a few things, I have double booked, so things are about to change
I am quite looking forward to the new organised me
this Filofax is really compact so I can carry it with me at all times

number three resolution

this is my much loved suitcase on legs
it has been a cat bed, a display stand and now it is housing Littlests books in the playroom
firstly I want to make some more of these, they are so useful but this pic is actually about me getting the boys rooms decorated
I want to revamp all their rooms this year
I want to make them all quilts
I want to just get on with it instead of just talking about it

number 4 resolution

time management is something I feel I am quite good at but I do tend to work when I absolutely have to rather than when I have spare time
I am going to set certain days to achieve certain goals
I want to blog regularly, make and create regularly and put quality time into reaching my goals
talking about what I should be doing I am good at, getting around to it I am very bad at

wish me luck folks
if you never hear about this plan of mine again, it is because I have failed ;-)

do you have resolutions?
is it something you always do?
do you succeed?

thanks for reading x


  1. Peter Andre has the same effect on me and I eat two Weetabix! Blogging about plans is a good start so I'll be back to check up. Happy 2014 xx

  2. Good luck and I can't wait to see your makeovers!

    Love Claire xxx

  3. Sounds like a plan - I'm trying for breakfast too instead of another biscuit. It's not going well so far! X