Saturday, 4 January 2014

thrifty finds

I have not done one of these posts for ages
I have been thrifting obviously, I am always on the look out for treasure!
all the finds today are from what I like to call 'my charity shop' or the other local village shop that is only about 2 doors down
I love treasure

I always buy a vintage chopping board when I see one
they look good and I do actually use them….which is more than can be said for all my retro pottery ;-)
this one is not the best ever but it looks flipping ace with my others

we get quite a lot of worn out blankets at 'my charity shop'
quite often they go into the dog blanket department, quite often they get ragged
I suddenly decided yesterday that I would quite fancy using some of the old pure wool blankets to make cushions
I cut away the good bits (for me) and put the rest straight into a basket for the dogs
I made a donation of course!

the middle one is very mustardy in real life, the top one is stripy
I will share the finished cushions with you very soon…if they are good enough that is

 I love these desk calendars
probably more ornament than use, but as I already have one I will be gifting this to a friend who missed out on one on my stall some time ago

yes, these are real Minnetonkas!
Now folks, these were quite a find, but alas they are too small
I would say they are a European 4
If you want them and you have itty bitty feet, do shout up
they are boxed and brand new and rather delightful

very vintage snippers

gadgets, love em
after struggling through Christmas with some rather substandard nut crackers I just stumbled upon these yesterday
I just adore the packaging and I am pleased to report that they don't half crack a nut with ease

hope you like my finds
hope you have found some treasure of your own 

thanks for reading x

ps sorry about the shadowy pictures, it doesn't get light in Manchester anymore


  1. I am hyperventilating at the thought of blanket cushions!! xxx

    1. Thought you might like that idea!
      Do you want a plain one for your birthday or one with something on it? Xxx

  2. I made some cushion covers from a wool blanket that I felted and they are gorgeous in Winter. I love your chopping boards, remind me of my childhood xox some gorgeous finds you have there x

  3. My mum has a set of storage jars that match the chopping board in the background of image 2. Love that desk calendar!

  4. great finds!!! you did good.

  5. I adore the idea of your cushions - such a lucky find. I travelled around countless charity shops last year looking for the very same blankets but no luck. Happy sewing x

  6. Great finds. The two chopping boards look great together. Jx

  7. Eek! I had chopping boards like those when I first got married 30 odd years ago. I left them when I got divorced!!
    Loving your finds though and even the chopping board brought back a few lovely memories. I have been snapping up some old books, ladybird ones and an old Blue Peter annual from 1971, purely for a nostalgia burst!!

  8. Sorry about that! I have weeny feet, if u want to send this lovely footwear to me I will pay for postage and of cse make a donation to your charity shop! Xxx

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  10. We have the same nutcrackers! I'm not sure ours were vintage though - just shows that good design never goes out of fashion - they're the only things that can get me into a brazil nut!

  11. Blanket pillows = fantastic idea.