Friday, 18 April 2014

Where have I been?

I have plenty of excuses for my poor blogging rate. Mr Betty being away, 3 boys taking up my time, new job, new pets, but in all honesty, maybe I have just not felt in the mood.
I decided, on waking this morning, that I would get back to it.
Lets see how it goes!

I though I would start with a few new additions to the home.
(not incl pets).

My son plays rugby so I can quite often find myself in some faraway village on a Sunday morning.
Very often there is nothing to do whilst they train for an hour pre match (why??). A couple of weeks ago he had a match over in Congleton. Not a million miles away but a nice little jaunt.
I parked up, looked to my right, a car boot no less. All of a sudden I was wishing for more than an hour.
After a nice mooch around the car boot, I decided I would attempt to park nearer the rugby pitch, only to find myself parked up outside an Antiques shop. Three floors of treasures to investigate. It was ace.
I watched Joe getting caked in mud for an hour, then hit the antiques once more. I purchased 3 glass jelly moulds….the start of a collection, and a lovely advertising tray. You will see that shortly.

These little Rice espresso cups were a gift from Ms Beth Taylor.
I have always had a love for espresso cups, anything mini right?
As luck would have it, now Mr Betty is on a health kick (has been for a while), he has espresso, no milk of course. I can now embrace the purchase of lovely little cups and these have become a permanent fixture in my coffee making zone.

As you may know, I had a new kitchen about 18 months ago. I love it, but it just wasn't working.
You know how kitchens have to have that layout design that stops one walking 4 miles whilst chucking together a hotpot, well, we sort of had that problem.
I was forever moving my table around (ask the kids), trying to get the feeling right.
In the end I just new we needed to go to Ikea….again!
We bought the Stenstorp kitchen island and things are now pretty much perfect.
Of course then I needed some barstools.
I found these online and I absolutely love them.

Just lately I have been collecting theses Observer books.
It is a bit of a trend I know, but I am a sucker for trends and one can quite often find me jumping on passing bandwagons. The lovely thing about this little collection is that people keep gifting me new additions ( thanks Kristy, Emzy and Searsons).
Mr Betty loves Automobiles, Aircraft and Commercial Vehicles. Littlest loves all the nature ones. I love Cacti because it is yellow.

I purchased these in/out trays at Vintage Village. I am now the Vintage Village administrator, I bought these with my new position in mind. They are now housing part of my rather ridiculous magazine collection. I will just have to find some more for my more important paperwork.
I love my new job. I work from home and my boss is also my friend. 

The mini Kewpie is another Vintage Village purchase, couldn't resist.

This is my favourite corner. I am always taking pictures of it and it is always changing.
I am forever rearranging it's contents or adding new finds.
The standard lamp base was bought at the charity shop for £6.
I like the shape of it and it is a welcome addition to my corner of joy.

Here is the tray I was telling you about, purchased from the antiques centre in Congleton.
It is a little bit rusty but I love it.
I have a thing for trays but have recently given myself an 'only round ones' rule. At least they can all be stacked on my new handy kitchen island!!

Thanks for reading. xx


  1. It's lovely to see you back ... there seems to have been lots of happy busyness going on around you of late ... it's the same here ... sometimes life takes over in the best possible way ... Bee xx

  2. Congratulations on the new job! Have missed you in blogland too, your new additions are fab! xx

  3. I know how you feel about blogging - sometimes just ' not being in the mood' is okay but it does take a bit of effort to get back into it! (Would you like glove mouse to come and have a 'stern word'?!) Love your corner of joy x Jane

  4. Yay was so excited to see you at the top of my reading list :-) Love all your finds especially the jelly moulds and the tray!!!

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  6. Nice to have you back Emma!

  7. What a pretty kitchen you have, I love the espresso cups.

  8. Like you I've been away from blogging for a bit. Welcome back from one 'returnee' to another! Jx

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