Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Well, my new blogging regime has fallen at the first hurdle.
Again, no excuse.
I thought I should pop by, say hi, and simply show you some 'things'.

I recently visited this lovely lady, we did a cool swap, and I came away with some lovely fabric.
This was a while ago, and because of my lazy ways I have only just made them into cushions.
This fab lot are now available here.

Last night I went to the Manchester Craft Mafia LoFi meeting.
Last nights was the last one to be run by the most fantastic Nico, and although I am going to have her in my life forever, I will miss her crafty ways at LoFi.
We always learn a new skill during these sessions, and we always come away with a new creation.
This was last nights, a simple macramé hanger. I am thinking tea-lights and the garden.
I will be making plenty more of these in the future.

At the last Vintage Village fair, I purchase these in-trays, which are now housing a portion of my ridiculously huge magazine collection. 
I am now the administrator for Vintage Village and loving my new role.
There is now a new Vintage Village event held on the 4th Sunday of the month at Old Granada Studios, you can read all about it here.
It is so good. Just like a flea market….but better.
If you can get there, get there!!

I think that is all for now. Thank you for reading. x


  1. Lovely cushions! Can I just say I think you are very minimalist? An in tray houses a portion of your magazine collection ... The loft, several cupboards and suitcases houses a portion of mine! Have a lovely evening ... Xxx

  2. Your cushions are fab! The fabrics are gorgeous! love the hanger you made too xx

  3. Loving the macrame work! I remember buying macrame plant holders in the late 1970's when we bought our first home. They were very on trend then!

  4. I use to macrame back in the day, perhaps I'm take it up again and make a plant hanger.

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