Tuesday, 24 June 2014

photo bombers

My home at the end of the runway was recently used as a location for a photo shoot. The pictures will appear in a two brand new magazines, Crochet Now and Patchwork Now.
These are new additions to Sewing Now.
I thought I would take the 'tidy house' opportunity and share a few sunny shots.

You may notice a couple of photo bombers and I felt it only fair if I gave the cheeky pair a close-up too.
It is quite obvious that they both love a photo shoot!

new addition - Bella

the kitchen island or as it has now become, Bills' look out

Bill looking out

Both magazines are due on the shelves next month (July).
I am rather excited about being a backdrop and I am kind of hoping that it reignites my love of crochet.

Bella is a miniature schnauzer. We rehomed her a couple of months ago, she is 4.
She is such a good dog and I am enjoying getting out and about with her.
We just spent our first holiday together and she was smiling the whole time!

Thanks for reading. x