Tuesday 24 June 2014

photo bombers

My home at the end of the runway was recently used as a location for a photo shoot. The pictures will appear in a two brand new magazines, Crochet Now and Patchwork Now.
These are new additions to Sewing Now.
I thought I would take the 'tidy house' opportunity and share a few sunny shots.

You may notice a couple of photo bombers and I felt it only fair if I gave the cheeky pair a close-up too.
It is quite obvious that they both love a photo shoot!

new addition - Bella

the kitchen island or as it has now become, Bills' look out

Bill looking out

Both magazines are due on the shelves next month (July).
I am rather excited about being a backdrop and I am kind of hoping that it reignites my love of crochet.

Bella is a miniature schnauzer. We rehomed her a couple of months ago, she is 4.
She is such a good dog and I am enjoying getting out and about with her.
We just spent our first holiday together and she was smiling the whole time!

Thanks for reading. x

Wednesday 7 May 2014


Well, my new blogging regime has fallen at the first hurdle.
Again, no excuse.
I thought I should pop by, say hi, and simply show you some 'things'.

I recently visited this lovely lady, we did a cool swap, and I came away with some lovely fabric.
This was a while ago, and because of my lazy ways I have only just made them into cushions.
This fab lot are now available here.

Last night I went to the Manchester Craft Mafia LoFi meeting.
Last nights was the last one to be run by the most fantastic Nico, and although I am going to have her in my life forever, I will miss her crafty ways at LoFi.
We always learn a new skill during these sessions, and we always come away with a new creation.
This was last nights, a simple macramé hanger. I am thinking tea-lights and the garden.
I will be making plenty more of these in the future.

At the last Vintage Village fair, I purchase these in-trays, which are now housing a portion of my ridiculously huge magazine collection. 
I am now the administrator for Vintage Village and loving my new role.
There is now a new Vintage Village event held on the 4th Sunday of the month at Old Granada Studios, you can read all about it here.
It is so good. Just like a flea market….but better.
If you can get there, get there!!

I think that is all for now. Thank you for reading. x

Friday 18 April 2014

Where have I been?

I have plenty of excuses for my poor blogging rate. Mr Betty being away, 3 boys taking up my time, new job, new pets, but in all honesty, maybe I have just not felt in the mood.
I decided, on waking this morning, that I would get back to it.
Lets see how it goes!

I though I would start with a few new additions to the home.
(not incl pets).

My son plays rugby so I can quite often find myself in some faraway village on a Sunday morning.
Very often there is nothing to do whilst they train for an hour pre match (why??). A couple of weeks ago he had a match over in Congleton. Not a million miles away but a nice little jaunt.
I parked up, looked to my right, a car boot no less. All of a sudden I was wishing for more than an hour.
After a nice mooch around the car boot, I decided I would attempt to park nearer the rugby pitch, only to find myself parked up outside an Antiques shop. Three floors of treasures to investigate. It was ace.
I watched Joe getting caked in mud for an hour, then hit the antiques once more. I purchased 3 glass jelly moulds….the start of a collection, and a lovely advertising tray. You will see that shortly.

These little Rice espresso cups were a gift from Ms Beth Taylor.
I have always had a love for espresso cups, anything mini right?
As luck would have it, now Mr Betty is on a health kick (has been for a while), he has espresso, no milk of course. I can now embrace the purchase of lovely little cups and these have become a permanent fixture in my coffee making zone.

As you may know, I had a new kitchen about 18 months ago. I love it, but it just wasn't working.
You know how kitchens have to have that layout design that stops one walking 4 miles whilst chucking together a hotpot, well, we sort of had that problem.
I was forever moving my table around (ask the kids), trying to get the feeling right.
In the end I just new we needed to go to Ikea….again!
We bought the Stenstorp kitchen island and things are now pretty much perfect.
Of course then I needed some barstools.
I found these online and I absolutely love them.

Just lately I have been collecting theses Observer books.
It is a bit of a trend I know, but I am a sucker for trends and one can quite often find me jumping on passing bandwagons. The lovely thing about this little collection is that people keep gifting me new additions ( thanks Kristy, Emzy and Searsons).
Mr Betty loves Automobiles, Aircraft and Commercial Vehicles. Littlest loves all the nature ones. I love Cacti because it is yellow.

I purchased these in/out trays at Vintage Village. I am now the Vintage Village administrator, I bought these with my new position in mind. They are now housing part of my rather ridiculous magazine collection. I will just have to find some more for my more important paperwork.
I love my new job. I work from home and my boss is also my friend. 

The mini Kewpie is another Vintage Village purchase, couldn't resist.

This is my favourite corner. I am always taking pictures of it and it is always changing.
I am forever rearranging it's contents or adding new finds.
The standard lamp base was bought at the charity shop for £6.
I like the shape of it and it is a welcome addition to my corner of joy.

Here is the tray I was telling you about, purchased from the antiques centre in Congleton.
It is a little bit rusty but I love it.
I have a thing for trays but have recently given myself an 'only round ones' rule. At least they can all be stacked on my new handy kitchen island!!

Thanks for reading. xx