Tuesday 24 June 2014

photo bombers

My home at the end of the runway was recently used as a location for a photo shoot. The pictures will appear in a two brand new magazines, Crochet Now and Patchwork Now.
These are new additions to Sewing Now.
I thought I would take the 'tidy house' opportunity and share a few sunny shots.

You may notice a couple of photo bombers and I felt it only fair if I gave the cheeky pair a close-up too.
It is quite obvious that they both love a photo shoot!

new addition - Bella

the kitchen island or as it has now become, Bills' look out

Bill looking out

Both magazines are due on the shelves next month (July).
I am rather excited about being a backdrop and I am kind of hoping that it reignites my love of crochet.

Bella is a miniature schnauzer. We rehomed her a couple of months ago, she is 4.
She is such a good dog and I am enjoying getting out and about with her.
We just spent our first holiday together and she was smiling the whole time!

Thanks for reading. x


  1. How lovely! Cant wait to have a peek at your lovely home and see your gorgeous photobombers of course!

  2. I always take pictures of my house when it's 'guest tidy'. It seldom remains that way for long. Love the sofa in that second to last pic.

  3. your home is lovely, cute photo bombers too! lol!

  4. Looks so bright and sunny at your place!

  5. Great photo bombing! I love the bright colour of your kitchen fireplace.

  6. You home is so cute and looks so homely

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