Tuesday, 11 December 2012

a new box for mr fox

is it ok if i run something by you ?

i had a bit of a sleepless night last night, not for any particular reason.
i decided to fill my mind with a new design for my fox box.
so, my fox is now 'in a box'

your thoughts please

in other news, the tree is decorated!
miracles do happen

i was forced to move the whole living room around to accommodate the tree.
it is mahoosive!

i had a great day at the vintage village on sunday
i did buy a few things

most of my purchases are xmas gifts but i had to show you
these from jodie-jo-retro
the magnets are old wooden jigsaw pieces...genius!
i have had a word with jodi-jo and i am hoping she will fill her etsy shelves very soon
i will be sure to tell you when she does

lastly, for today, i just have to show you these
i bought them from the church fair and i love them

strange?? cute, definitely.
littlest got a pair of knitted aligators

tonight i will mostly be christmas shopping with Mr Betty
we are only just starting oops!

thanks for reading x


  1. Hi, the fox in the box is superb (I say this even though I'm off foxes at the mo - one got our rabbit recently - boo hoo). I love the jigsaw pieces magnets - brilliant idea. xx

  2. thanks loo
    well, this is why my fox is in a box!
    sorry to hear about your bunny, thats not nice, i love bunnies.

  3. Hello, I really love your cute & stylish fox in a box (and I'm envious of your display house - been looking for one everywhere)! Could I ask where you get the boxes printed please?

    1. If only I did get them printed. I actually make all the boxes myself and stick on all the labels etc....the boxes take longer than the foxes!
      Emma. X

  4. It is worth it, the boxes look lovely too!

  5. The fox boxes are great, and I hope the new owners keep them, rather than slinging them away considering the work you put into them!

    I did a great swap with Jodi-Jo this Sunday - she had a fab 60s glass lightshade so I offered her some equally fab 60s Dutch screen-printed fabric. Done deal, and she threw in one of those lovely house knick-knack shelves too! Looking forward to seeing it reappear as a pile of cushions at the next Vintage Village (one of which I may have to buy).

  6. ...fabulous finds and i am in love with those knitty monkeys too......just adorable!x

  7. I love mr fox's new box...does he have a passport?? I am gutted I missed VV, too much going on at home involving loft activity and tangled fairy lights :) missed you xxxxx

    1. missed you too xxx
      you would have gone mad for jodi-jo retro!!

  8. I love his new travel box, reminds me of the one we packed my Mum's cat in when they emigrated and went to live in America : Mum dad and Cat!
    Daisy J x

  9. Oh I'm looking forward to next year, when I will come and visit family in Manchester and time it to coincide with a Vintage Village! I just decorated a little house similar to that one for myself...considering how much work it was (I spray painted mine - a very stinky job!) I think you got a bargain there!

    I love your foxes' boxes...am going to have to order a fox and a cat for my boys for Christmas (I asked Rufus if he wanted a badger but he loves cats the most!)...can you do me a boy cat - preferably black - with a jumper, scarf and bag like the foxes? Do say if it's a pain...xx

    1. Absolutely can!
      I will do them, list them for you on Etsy, no commitment to buy.
      I love making them.
      P.s loving the name Rufus.

    2. Yay! Thanks love, that is brilliant. Both the boys love cuddly toys, but having handmade ones with clothes and bags, who arrive in buses and boxes, will be really special. You're a star! xxx

  10. Love the new box for Mr Fox ... and what a gorgeous tree ... wish I had gone for a lovely real one ... next year I'm definitely having a real one ... I love the little house shelf too ... I made one a while back but am particularly taken with the shape of your one ... have a lovely week and don't get too stressed with the shopping ... Bee xx

  11. Of course I love 'Mr fox' in his box!
    I had to look and look again , Mrs Betty at your vintage nativity, Ooh I had one just like it many moons ago...(wish I still had it)*******
    Sending greetings of the season and am a loving those cute little monkey guys!!
    Love Maria x

  12. The wee monkeys are too cool!