Saturday, 15 December 2012

nice things

this post is a tad on the lazy side
mainly pics of randomness
littlest has been really poorly all week, lack of sleep
and worry has taken its toll so i am taking it easy
i missed my blogging 

little fireplace setting created from vintage railway bits
dream house

new/old vintage deco's
bought at VV

the knitted gators
church fair purchase

i have done a bit of christmas shopping (thank goodness)
middle son and i had a great day in town
it turned from serious shopping to mooching round the northern quarter and eating nice food
i did buy a few prezzies but i am a devil for treating myself

muji mini letter/number stamps
i have been after some of these for ever

yep, some more stamps
purchased in oklahoma 
these above 2 purchases can be considered as investments
i will be using them for labels etc

a scarf for terence
charity shop purchase

i am hoping that things get back to normal this week
littlest back at school and enjoying the christmas build up
me finishing off my mountain of christmas prep
the birth of 'a mouse in a house'........possibly

how are you all doing with the christmas prep (feel free to tell me if you are not doing too well, it will make me feel better)
i will be back soon with a more cheery attitude, i promise!

tonight i will be eating mr bettys' thai curry, yummy 
thanks for reading. x


  1. Oh Emma poor you - and your little one - a hard time of year to have to take time out but so many germs about! Hope all's well soon, getting there with getting ready for Xmas but still plenty to do! Looking forward to meeting Mr Fox and Tomcat! xx

  2. Hope your little one is feeling much better

    I have made quite a lot of my presents, and am doing the cooked ones this weekend (chocolates, scandinavian cookies etc etc). Still have to get quite a lot of pressies for my nearest and dearest though...looking for inspiration...


  3. Sending little OB a big hug and hoping all is better now :) I spy some black and white in your living room ;-) xxx

  4. What christmas prep do you mean???
    Received a rather lovely parcel from cutie postie today!
    big 'Thank you's' all round from our house to yours...
    will email and blog soon
    Thankest bestest muchness etc
    Super duper!!
    Daisy X

  5. Oh I hope your little man is much better soon ... we are cruising along ... I keep thinking Christmas is ages away ... things are gradually getting done but I'm not having as much time for fun things like blogging and crafting as I'd like ... enjoy your weekend ... Bee xx

  6. love the dream house.

    You got some wonderful vintage Christmas decoration.