Monday, 17 December 2012

thrifty christmas continued...

today i would like to share another of my thrifty christmas makes.
these will be gifts for littlests' teachers.
are they crafty types?, who know's, and at this point in my poor christmas preparations,
 to be quite frankly frank (thats for you jane), who cares!

i pinched this idea from a magazine called MAKING
it is actually a rather good magazine
i hope they don't mind ;) me stealing from them...desperate times and all that.

tartan/tweed top, contrasting felt bottom

any old random buttons for the eyes and nose

basic, cheap as chips pins

unbelievably simple and rather cute
littlest thinks they are great so that is all that matters to me

anyone else sending handmade gifts in to school?
anyone any ideas on how i am going to package the prickly b****rs?
i will be back soon, back to the planning today!
thanks for reading. x


  1. Oh these are adorable. Ummmmmm, packaging. Could you made some sort of box (origami) or bag? Lots of examples on th'internet. xx

  2. Lovely teacher gift, I have sent in handmade for a while now but this year we have a bloke and I'm really not sure he's appreciate a cushion (athough his wife might!) but I did purchase from Etsy to console myself that it didn't come from high street.
    I think they appreciate that something has come with a lot of thought and not just standard box of chocs.

    Box deffo a good idea for the spiky little fellows, littlest's standing at school maight be jeopardised if a teacher gets stabbed repeatedly by pins!! :)


  3. They look great!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Aw, they're lovely, much better than the Best Teacher tat that normally abounds at this time of year!

    Love, Claire xxx

  5. They will love them! In my day (and when my boys were at school) we didnt 'do' teachers presents so thankfully never had to worry about it.

  6. Knock, knock
    Cooeee - just popping round for a mince pie and anything else that might be on offer! Shut the door it is ruddy cold!
    Lovely makes - very effective. I would just push the pins in for postage. In years gone by I felt that I was the sole provider in terms of school makes.....
    Keep warm
    Are you Christmassing in the caravan this season?

  7. Ps Foxy is going to florida with us and will be photo'd all the way!...